Wednesday, May 4, 1938

Nice day. Chicks are hatching now, so far got 163. Pap went out to see Geo. Boll; he had lost a horse, while back, cut lawn, planted out flowers, had nice shower rain. Bert [Bertille] went to euchre at Kammler’s given by Ladies Aid; not much crowd 4 tables euchre, 4 pinochle; had 6 points got glass dish, & towel 3rd prize playing bluey. Roland Rausch got the quilt, & Hy. Rittemeyer rug. & me [Bertille] the towel. Attendance prize Mrs. Marylu [unclear] Pickett.

Wednesday, June 20, 1934

Papa & Rose went out to Henrys again, had lunch, dinner & lunch. Clifford had borrowed our disc & brought it back yesterday. Mr. Al. Rittmeyer & Miss Alice Mantle were married today at 3:30 in Belleville in Evangical [sic] Church, dance at Eagles Home, Belleville tonight. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening & we went to Waterloo, on business to see Mr. Loehr & Hempe Bros; everything is settled now, they received there money from the government. Awful wind today.

Thursday, Aug. 18, 1932

We canned 2 qts. tomatoes & ½ pickles, 1 qt. beets. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up all day; lawning & cleaning for Sunday. She helped to cut out shirts for Bobby. Rittemeyer the sales agent was around, he left us a sample brush. Mrs. Louis Millman got operated for appendix Mon, she was at church yet on Sunday. Emmet Cowell is awful sick, has pneoumia [sic]. Mr. Gus Grahlherr is pretty bad sick, has awful pains.

Thursday, Sept. 3, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this morn. & had dinner with us.  This afternoon Henry & family came up, he finished plowing & took the team home.  We all went to the funeral of Mrs. Rittmeyer except papa, she had a pink coffin, & dress, gold ring on & a diamond hair pin, she looked good.  Steve Rennecker was over a while.  Odillo Eichenseer came, he wanted to see our paper.  Mrs. Eichenseer came too so he had to take her to Red Bud to the doctor.  This morning Fr. Grooten’s had Mrs. Pete Watchel, Mrs. Henry Kern, Henry Rausch & Odilo Eichenseer, in Waterloo in front of Bollinger’s in the room, Pete Watchel & Rausch [crossed out by Bertille] paid the expense, as far as we know.

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1931

It rained all morning, & this afternoon sun shine, Papa was in Hecker this morning talking with some people.  Mr. Joe Grossman, Marshall Hill’s fatherinlaw was buried at Smithon [sic] this afternoon.  The egg man was here, but we didn’t have any.  There is supposed to be a dance at Weigand’s brick house given by them, but wether [sic] it was postponed account of Rittmeyer’s death & mud roads, we never heard, we where invited, but we didn’t go.

Tuesday, August 18, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon & Leona & the kids where also here, she came up to get a bu. of peaches from Dr. Eckert for 60¢ bu. nice, she & Aunt Mary & Rosalia went over to George Wagner’s & looked at them first, she got hers there too.  Bill Lehr was here, he is going all over town taking orders.  Aunt Mary helped to peel the rest of ours & we got 6 more cans, we got 40 cans about 20 to a bu. we would have about 42 cans with those what we ate.  Al Rittmeyer was here trying to sell brushes & the like.  We sure had lot of rain & nice.

Saturday, June 6, 1931

Papa went to get crushing done again this morn, the last time they crush before harvest.  We sprayed our potatoes today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here, from here they went to Collins Sale at Red Bud, they bought a rocking chair, & a wood box.  We went to Belleville & looked at a horse, then we went out to Kerber’s sale, it wasn’t much of a sale.  It rained this afternoon by Belleville.  Rittmeyer where to have a barn dance tonight but it was post poned until tomorrow night.

Saturday, Feb. 28, 1931

Hy. Armstutz was here & wanted Papa to sew clover seed, so it went down to the field & sow it.  This afternoon he went to Mrs. Bersche’s sale at Waterloo.  Bertille got up this afternoon for the first time for almost a week.  Rosalia is setting out onion sets today.  Papa planted 150 cabbage plants from Mrs. Johnny Kreher because neither one of us were able too at the time.  Our little chicks are doing wonderful now.  Elmer Rittemeyer also got his leg broken, the other day, when Adolph called he jumped out & broke his leg.  Adolph must be in a terrible condition the way they say.  Papa bought a few articles at Bersche’s sale this afternoon.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to a sale in Belleville, they bought a iron bed & a few other articles.  This evening Papa & Uncle Fred went in to get it with our truck. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for supper.

Thursday, Feb. 26, 1931

Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred were here today.  Mary went to the sewing circle.  Uncle Fred work over at the place.  Papa was out in the woods this afternoon hauling wood together.  Aldoph Rittemeyer got hurt this evening.  They were moving a brooder house out from Belleville to Aldoph place.  Aldoph was standing on the brooder house when he hit the telephone wire crossing the hard road by Lipperts.  The wire hit him under the chin and knocked him off of the truck they rushed him to the hospital.  And he has a fracture scaul [skull].  Broken collar bone and a broken hip.  And still unconscious and in very bad shape.

[Ed. note: This entry is not in Bertille’s handwriting.  Strong possibility that it was written by Rosalia].

Saturday, Jan. 3, 1931

Papa got crushing done this morning.  This afternoon Papa & Rosalia went out to the woods & sawed a tree down.  They stopped at Henry’s & brought our big table along back for butchering Monday.  Tonight we all went to Uncle Fred’s & Aunt Mary’s first, Henry Birkner & family were also there & then we all went to Hy. Ronenberg birthday dance.  There was an awful crowd there.  Henry Birkner & Uncle Fred & Roy Stafenbiel furnished music.  Those from here that were there were, Parkers, Pappenbergs, Rittemeyers, Probsts, Reheis, Watchel, Skaer boy played his guitar & sang three songs, one was, The Letter Edged in Black, Will You Let Me Sleep in Your Barn.  It sure was nice.  The Evansville relatives were all there too.