Monday, July 11, 1932

We washed, ironed, this morning. This afternoon we went to Red Bud took 3 hrs. potatoe [sic] along sold them at Brehmer’s store got 45¢ bu. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up then went to Chris Buehler’s threshing, she first helped at Frank Birkner’s awhile, they was to have them for lunch yet, then go to Ronerberg’s & Oscar Birkner’s, but Aunt Mary had to help Frieda so she can go neither one of them places today, for Buehler’s have them all day. Bertille & Rosalia where at Wagner’s awhile. We finished digging the early potatoes this evening. Miss Elvira Kuhn of St. Louis is spending her vacation with Miss Wilma Reheis of here. Eggs 9¢ wheat 38¢. We got 6 little pigs born this morn.

Friday, July 31, 1931

Today is baking day.  This afternoon we all went to Waterloo & from there out to Dillerberg’s sale on the Dr. Vogel place.  Nick Welzbacher is coming there now.  Dr. & Dillenberg where the only biters there, they got everything between themselves.  We had supper at Aunt Mary’s they where up here all afternoon so they had supper ready when we came home.  Hy. Armstutz gave them a call too.  We heard George Neff almost smothered, he is very bad sick.  John Euler from Floraville shot himself last night, he will be buried Mon. in St. Augustine’s cemetery of Hecker.

Thursday, July 30, 1931

Papa & Rosalia are fixing fence along the road this morning.  I noticed this morning that Lester Gregson has a new truck to haul milk, now.  There was 2 ladies here & wanted something to eat, there machine broke & they & the family had nothing to eat, so we gave them a half loaf bread & sausage, they didn’t have no money, some gas station gave 2 gals. to go on they said.  I seen in the paper that Mrs. George Schilling got $50 for the turkey’s that was killed by stray dogs.  Bill Haudrich & Florence Buss where published last Sun. for the first time.  Hecker ball team where lucky last Sun. they both won, one at Valymer [sic] & the other with Hecker & Red Bud.  Papa drove up to Barthel’s to get the Whippet repaired.  Eggs are 14¢ now.  Alvera Braun is awful bad sick the way we heard, she is in bed all the time now, swollen so bad.

Wednesday, July 29, 1931

This morning & this afternoon while it was cool we finished digging our potatoes.  This eve- we went down & cleaned at the cemetery, the hogs has been in there & got everything messed up for Armbruster’s lot & Monike’s lot.  From there we drove over to Aunt Mary’s, but they where at Oscar Birkner’s threshing oats, so we went back home again.

Tuesday, July 28, 1931

Today we washed, ironed, patched, baked bread.  Papa & Rosalia aren’t feeling well yet.  I seen in the paper that the Police are searching for Ed. Neff of Belleville for hitting his father Conrad while eating supper.  Mrs. Rennecker is out helping Wm. Gregson’s threshed.  We cut the lawn this evening.

Monday, July 27, 1931

We was all at Henry’s today for lunch, dinner, lunch, but all where feeling bad, sick, vomiting all the time.  He threshed 1163 bus. wheat.  We brought beef & dressing, potatoes & saurkraut [sic], along home for supper.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came for supper.  They told us that we have another cousin & that is Christ Buehler’s have a little baby girl born this morning at 3 o clock.  Oscar Birkner & wife will be the sponsors Sun. morning.  Uncle Fred took the eggs too town got 14¢ doz.

Sunday, July 26, 1931

We all had dinner & supper at Aunt Mary’s today, across the street.  This afternoon, We all & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary drove out to Henry’s, to help along with threshing.  When we came home we went to the truck patch & looked that over.

Saturday, July 25, 1931

Most of the threshing machines are starting out at 9 o’clock this morning.  Vic Eichenseer & Odillo where here & fixed the pump again.  This afternoon we all went to Henry’s threshing, we had lunch & supper, they threshed 421 bus. from lunch on.

Friday, July 24, 1931

Henry was here this morning & the kids, they brought a wash tub plums & box apples.  We didn’t keep all the plums, it was to many.  Mr. Ed Meng was here this morning, to tell papa that Ratz had a cheap team for him, that if he wanted to he should come & look at them this afternoon.  But he aint going.  Papa got crushing done this morning.  They say Phil Braun’s machine is going to start threshing this afternoon they must not of had any rain there.  Vic Eichenseer was here & fixed our pump this morning, it works again now.  We cleaned our truck patch & sowed some more turnip seed again today & also some radishs.

Thursday, July 23, 1931

We caught all our chickens this morning and cut the wings, we have 358 chicken all together, but we intend to sell quite a few now.  We had rain again this morning, pretty much too.  We sold 32 lbs. heavy hens 18¢ & 7 lbs. light hens 15¢.  Eggs are 15¢.