Tuesday, June 30, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here for lunch, dinner, lunch, & supper.  Aunt Mary started cutting Rosalia’s dress, so she can sew it yet today.  Oliver Birkner was here & got the pattern again, we cut it off.

Monday, June 29, 1931

Today is washing, ironing patching day.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner & supper.  Henry & Leona went to Belleville & left the kids here, they & Bertille ate lunch at Aunt Mary’s this afternoon.  Aunt Mary & Rosalia drove up to Wm. Birkner’s & got a dress pattern, which she got from Munier’s from St. Louis.  We finished digging our potatoes along the road this evening.

Sunday, June 28, 1931

Henry & Roy was here in Hecker this morn but he didn’t go to church, he wants to cut oats today so after dinner we went out there.  Geodell’s family & Emil & later Aunt Mary & Uncle Fred came.  But every ones [sic] in a while they broke something.  We slept down stairs tonight, it was to hot.

Saturday, June 27, 1931

Henry & Emil had lunch, dinner, lunch here.  Hy. Armstutz was also here for dinner he helped to schock some today.  Henry cut his oats for him too, & he smashed the binder all to pieces, he says he won’t be able to cut his at home anymore with it.  He is finished up here now.  Karl Boll & Marcella Ettling are being married & gave a dance at Brezzy [sic] Hill.  Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Henry & Leona all went, but we didn’t.  Bill Herzog furnished the musci [sic], they say it sure was some bum wedding dance, not many people, all was outside.  She was dressed with a white dress & hat, shoes & pale pink stockings.  Buddy & a girl from St. Louis where the attendants.  We all went over to Rennecker’s this evening, Jake Klein’s family where also there, celebrating Steve’s birthday.  He got a 1 gal. ice cream & Oh Boy was it good in hot weather?

Friday, June 26, 1931

Henry & Emil where here for lunch, dinner & lunch.  He Sure had trouble today with his binder, I guess if that wouldn’t of happened, he would of been done up here.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon & evening, she brought a 1/2 gal. cherries along.  I can 1/2 pint.  It is awful warm these day, generally around 96° & 98° to 100!  Vic Eichenseer was down today.

Thursday, June 25, 1931

This morning Mrs. Ben Roth, Adams mother is being buried at Paderborn also mass there at 8 oclock.  She stayed at Belleville with Adam.  John & George live out here.  We are going to have rooster today.  Henry & family are coming up, he intends to start cutting oats.  They & Emil where here for lunch, dinner, lunch.  This evening Rosalia Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here this evening awhile from here they went to Mike Armstutz’s birthday it was “Aunt Anna’s.”  We heard today that Karl Boll & Marcella Ettling is to be married Sat. & to give a dance at Breezy Hill.  There are an awful lot of people losing horses this year, the weather is to hot.  Rosalia took the eggs up town got 11¢, Mamie came back with her.

Wednesday, June 24, 1931

Odillo Eichenseer was here this morn trying to fix our Whippet, but he couldn’t, him & Papa drove up to Barthel’s got a coil, still it wouldn’t go.  Then he went home for dinner, afterwards tried it again, but still wouldn’t work, so Papa & Rosalia pulled it up to Barthel’s garage.  Mr. Wm. Harbaugh from Foster Pond was here trying to sell us some Moorman’s Mineral, but we still had it out in the chicken house yet.

Tuesday, June 23, 1931

Papa went out to help Henry shock the rest of the wheat, then it is finished.  He had lunch & dinner there, came home about 2 oclock.  Then we all got ready & went to Waterloo, & came by the way of Red Bud home.  This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & Mr. Hy. Stalebher to pay int for John to them, & Steve Griffin & Elmer Kammler to see Uncle Fred, about lights.  We washed, ironed, patched today & canned 2 qts. cherries that Aunt Mary brought us 1 gal. & 1 can beans.

Monday, June 22, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s again this morn. they was there for lunch, then they came back, Henry & Emil too with the tractor & binder, they was here for dinner & lunch, they finished cutting here about 4:30.  Then they helped Papa schock yet.  He left the tractor & binder stand here, ready for the oats next week.  We washed the Chev. this evening.  Elmer Kammler & Steve Griffin where here, Steve was speaking for the electric power line to come through, we won’t stop it, just so it comes.  He said nearly every one he spoke too it was alright.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here this evening, she picked some beans, & peas.  Eichenseers came down with a coop & we sold 70# l. hens for 13¢, & 39 h. hens for 14¢.  Eggs are 11¢.

Sunday, June 21, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for pie lunch this morn.  After mass this morn – the chances were raffled from the Pinic [sic], Tom Havey won the stove, Mrs. Hy S. Braun won the tea set, Lester Miller won a quilt, Uncle Joe won something too.  There was 5 articles raffled out.  This afternoon we all went out to Henry’s, he was up for church this morn – then went home & started cutting wheat again, Gus Geodell’s was out too, he was sitting on the binder.  We helped to bake dewberry pie.  Then it started in a raining & we went home.  George Wagners have lots of company today, it is Charles Birthday he is 4 yrs. old.  The Merhmans, Fritsche’s, Ettlings, Kammlers where all there.  It is a real lawn party.