Wednesday, Jan. 19, 1938

Snowed last nite a little. Emil was over. Wilfred Cortner was here, he is sales agent for Mineral Moormans Feeds. Jerome Meng was here. Another guy around with a hard luck story.

Saturday, Jan. 23, 1932

Harbaugh the Moorman’s Mineral Feedman was here this afternoon. This afternoon was mission for the men yesterday for young people, & tomorrow for the women, & morn. & nights for all. It is getting colder again.

Wednesday, August 19, 1931

Today is washing, iron & patch day.  There was a truck through here from Chester selling peaches, 80¢ bu. picked over.  Mr. Harbough the Moorman’s Mineral Agent was here this afternoon.  It started raining again.

Wednesday, June 24, 1931

Odillo Eichenseer was here this morn trying to fix our Whippet, but he couldn’t, him & Papa drove up to Barthel’s got a coil, still it wouldn’t go.  Then he went home for dinner, afterwards tried it again, but still wouldn’t work, so Papa & Rosalia pulled it up to Barthel’s garage.  Mr. Wm. Harbaugh from Foster Pond was here trying to sell us some Moorman’s Mineral, but we still had it out in the chicken house yet.