Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1932

Papa is hauling wood again today. Bertille went along out to Henry’s a little while. Louis Lenhardt girl Ester, 25 yr. old died Sun. from T.B. & will be buried this afternoon at 2 o clock at Waterloo. Papa & Henry where both up to get whey, but neither could get any, they aren’t marking no casein today. They had to have the milk for ice cream. Papa & Rosalia took the mule out to Henry’s. Bertille went up to Eichenseer’s corner. They said up there that Edna Wacthel was going to Waterloo Catholic School this year. Mr. Jung was here & got 20 doz. eggs, 15¢. We went over to George Wagners a little while this evening.

Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1932

Ed Meng was here & got the horse to rake his hay. Papa is hauling wood. The New Athens Cleaners where here, suits cleaned for 75¢. Some people here wanted to buy potatoe [sic] onions. Bertille went up town this eve, mailed a letter to Aug. Blackburn $3.00 check for road rent. This eve, we all went out to Uncle Fred’s, ate watermellon [sic].

Monday, Aug. 29, 1932

Aunt Mary went to church, they are spending the day in Hecker, they have 13 hr. devotion at church today. Papa is hauling wood. We got 6 pigs, born Sun Aug. 28, & 6 pigs born Aug. 30. [ed. note – believe this last sentence was added at a later date]. We washed. Aunt Mary, Rosalia & Bertille went over to see Mrs. Stauenfbiel, Rose Wacthel came there too. We seen the quilt she has in the frame for Edna Schilling we took the pattern, it is a stitched quilt. Hy. Armstutz was here awhile this evening. Lorberg’s shooting match wasn’t much Sun, they raffled 8 ducks, & no pigs. Clarence Wittenauer is celebrating his 21 yr. old birthday at Weber’s barn tonite. We have no invitation. George Boll was here this morn, wanted to borrow money to pay the rest of his tax; he paid half.

Sunday, Aug. 28, 1932

We went to Red Bud bought Miss Bell & Miss Mary along to spend the day with us; dinner & supper, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where also here, & Mrs. Stauenfbiel. Henry & family, came to get the whey, she drove the car home & him the wagon. Aunt Mary took the pillow cases along to Mrs. Stauenfbiel & left them there for the pinic [sic]. Rosalia & papa took the company home about 8 o’clock.

Saturday, Aug. 27, 1932

Papa hauled 2 loads of wood this morn. Ed Meng was here a little while. Jung got 12 doz. egg 15¢ this morning. Today is Farm Bureau Pinic [sic] at Chaplin Bridge. The Eisenbart property household good etc. is being sold this afternoon at Red Bud. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & Bert went along to the sale, they bought all different things. Henry came up to get whey, but they had no more, so he let his barrels stand up there.

Friday, Aug. 26, 1932

It rained last night, we cut in 2½ saurkraut [sic] this morning. Rang over the lines this morn, that Geo. Lorberg is going to have a shooting match next Sun. on ducks, & pigs. Papa got a letter from Gus. Blackburn, for $3.00 that papa owes him for road rent 1 yr. ago; they had called it straight, till now it want his pay. Papa hauled a load of wood & he seen Gus, so he is going to pay him in the near future. A fellow from St. Louis was here & bought 12 doz. eggs & 9 lbs. springs 13¢ & eggs 15¢. Bertille went over to Renneckers with the papers.

Thursday, Aug. 25, 1932

We finished digging our potatoes this morn, 6 rows. Bertille went up town this evening & got the mail. Frank Schwinde is having a birthday party in the school hall tonite. Mrs. Martin Fritsche got the job of cleaning the Hecker School for $3.90. Reagean’s had a bid in for $4.00 & Lauts $6.00.

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1932

Papa went over to see Mr. Ed Meng. It is so awful hot again today, & nights are cool. They are surveing [sic – surveying] for hard road from Waterloo to Hecker, & the paper says it to, on the old road to Hecker, & then from Hirsts’ corner to New Athens. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening & we took them along to Breezy Hill to a free birthday dance, the boss wife at the Condensery birthday, Country Club Orschestra [sic – Orchestra] music, they took up collection, with the hat at 12: oclock, then they played till 1:30, & a big crowd. When we came home we ate watermellon [sic], Aunt Mary brought one along up.

Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this morn, had spring chicken dinner here with us & also lunch. We cut Bobby shirt out, this afternoon. Aunt Mary & Rosalia drove down to Rapp’s. Got 5 watermellons for 25¢. 45 lbs.  Jung the egg man got 23 doz. eggs. Today is Uncle Freds & Aunt Mary’s 34 wedding anniversary. We also went; across the street, Henry & family came up too, watermellons & cake where served. The New Athens cleaners where around.

Monday, Aug. 22, 1932

We washed, ironed. Papa is plowing the chicken yard. Uncle Fred Aunt Mary came up this afternoon. She went up to Laut’s, Mrs. invited her to come to Kammler’s Hall this evening. Phil Zatho celebrating his 60 yr. old birthday, so we went to the hall this eve, not a very big crowd there, Blackburn furnished musci [sic], cake & beer where served.