Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1932

Ed Meng was here & got the horse to rake his hay. Papa is hauling wood. The New Athens Cleaners where here, suits cleaned for 75¢. Some people here wanted to buy potatoe [sic] onions. Bertille went up town this eve, mailed a letter to Aug. Blackburn $3.00 check for road rent. This eve, we all went out to Uncle Fred’s, ate watermellon [sic].

Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this morn, had spring chicken dinner here with us & also lunch. We cut Bobby shirt out, this afternoon. Aunt Mary & Rosalia drove down to Rapp’s. Got 5 watermellons for 25¢. 45 lbs.  Jung the egg man got 23 doz. eggs. Today is Uncle Freds & Aunt Mary’s 34 wedding anniversary. We also went; across the street, Henry & family came up too, watermellons & cake where served. The New Athens cleaners where around.

Tuesday, July 19, 1932

We washed, ironed. Papa helped Uncle Fred dig potatoes this morning, we all ate lunch over there. The New Athens’s cleaners around again this morning. Papa was over by Steve’s this eve. while Bertille went after the mail, & Mamie & Lucinda came home with her. All the threshing outfits pulled in today, all finished.