Monday, July 11, 1932

We washed, ironed, this morning. This afternoon we went to Red Bud took 3 hrs. potatoe [sic] along sold them at Brehmer’s store got 45¢ bu. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up then went to Chris Buehler’s threshing, she first helped at Frank Birkner’s awhile, they was to have them for lunch yet, then go to Ronerberg’s & Oscar Birkner’s, but Aunt Mary had to help Frieda so she can go neither one of them places today, for Buehler’s have them all day. Bertille & Rosalia where at Wagner’s awhile. We finished digging the early potatoes this evening. Miss Elvira Kuhn of St. Louis is spending her vacation with Miss Wilma Reheis of here. Eggs 9¢ wheat 38¢. We got 6 little pigs born this morn.

Thursday, Dec. 31, 1931

Today is anniversary of Hecker bank closed. There is church tonight. Both churches. It sure was a beautiful Christmas, so warm we had the doors open. Sure ain’t much winter weather.

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1931

Papa was up town this afternoon. Zita [?] Staufenbiel & husband moved out to her mother’s here in Hecker. We went up to see Angela this evening, papa stayed at the store.

Tuesday, Dec. 29, 1931

All went to Henrys butchering. Irene Reheis birthday. had lunch & dinner out Henrys. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Emil all helped.

Monday, Dec. 28, 1931

Jos Braun is bad sick got a stroke. Henry & family came up they left the kids here with Pop & the rest of us went to the funeral. Geodell’s it was very large.

Sunday, Dec. 27, 1931

We out at Aunt Mary’s for dinner & supper, Birkner’s & Buehler’s where there. Went to Rd [Red Bud?] Church morn. Hy. Frishcor’s [Frischkorn] wife was buried afternoon. Went over to Steve’s, Wagners was there too played pinochle. Chas. Geodell died yesterday buried tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, Dec. 26, 1931

Joe Hilpert was here for dinner. Frank & his brother-in-laws when [sic-went] hunting. Lizzie Boll & Wm. Harbaugh where visitors on today.

Friday, Dec. 25, 1931

Christmas. We went to Red Bud church. Then went out to Henry’s had dinner & supper. Geodell’s & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary.

Thursday, Dec. 24, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & all of us went to Belleville. Henry & family & them where all up tonight Santa came. Henry & family stayed all night & left the kids here went to Waterloo church.

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1931

Frying down meat. Got Christmas cards from Fr. Grootens & Josie Keller. Egg 26, he bought some chickens 18¢.