Monday, June 14, 1937

Worked gardens, Henry & family were here for dinner. took calf to Belleville got 8¢. Pap & boys put roofing on brooder house. Went out to Henry’s got load oats & corn that was still out there yet. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary got card, inviting us to come to Luella Ronenberg’s wedding dance at Paderborn Sat. nite; also has a fish fry & dance Sun. nite.

Monday, July 30, 1934

We washed, nice cool. Ronnenberg’s moving today. Mrs. Jake Staufenbiel nee Prediger of St. Louis died Fri. night, funeral Tues. morning. We all put in a free guess to how many strokes it would take to bust an inner tube yesterday. Berti guessed 1400. Henry came & papa went along, looking at horses. Wm. Probst, Nic Schaefer, at Ames, & etc., he had lunch here. Rose finished my dress today. The directors & Henry are to meet at the Blackburn’s school tonite- see about school.

Saturday, July 28, 1934

Papa went to Rall’s sale by Red Bud this afternoon – everything brought a good price. People here selling vanilla extract. We planted beans & pickles yesterday. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to New Athens Homecoming this afternoon. We went out to Birkner’s, then to Hy. Ronnenberg’s farewell party, half barrel beer was the refreshments; the men chipped together & Hillheims got the beer from Hecker; danced in the barn, musci [sic] by I. Helfrich Sheonborn; not a very large crowd.

Monday, Dec. 26, 1932

We went out to Uncle Fred’s had dinner there. Aunt Mary is pretty good, coughs a little, but Uncle Fred isn’t so well yet, he had awful fever he said. It is pretty nice again today, not cold, we brought our pecans along 2 lbs. 10¢ they got them from Ronenberg’s, come from Evansville, Aunt Mary ordered 10 lbs. from them.

Sunday, Aug. 14, 1932

We went to Red Bud. We had chicken dinner by Uncle Fred’s today. Ronenbergs brought them one. Today is fish fry & dance at the Rod & Gun Club. Uncle Adam & Emil came up to see Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, then, Joe & Josie Gregson came but they wanted to come & see us, but being we where over there, they stayed there to, we all had supper. This evening we ate Watermellon [sic]. Seen in the paper that Ed Birke has a baby boy, they have 2 a girl & boy, & also Slyvester [sic – Sylvester] Doyle have a boy, first born. Elmer Kammler’s called there Donald Robert. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Laut sponsors.

Monday, Aug. 8, 1932

We washed, ironed, patched. A man around selling brooms. Chas. Jung from Red Bud stopped in. This evening we all went to Ronenberg’s her birthday, nice, crowd, some from Evansville, cake was served. We gave her a basket of yellow tomatoes for her birthday. We went down to Uncle Fred’s first.

Monday, July 11, 1932

We washed, ironed, this morning. This afternoon we went to Red Bud took 3 hrs. potatoe [sic] along sold them at Brehmer’s store got 45¢ bu. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up then went to Chris Buehler’s threshing, she first helped at Frank Birkner’s awhile, they was to have them for lunch yet, then go to Ronerberg’s & Oscar Birkner’s, but Aunt Mary had to help Frieda so she can go neither one of them places today, for Buehler’s have them all day. Bertille & Rosalia where at Wagner’s awhile. We finished digging the early potatoes this evening. Miss Elvira Kuhn of St. Louis is spending her vacation with Miss Wilma Reheis of here. Eggs 9¢ wheat 38¢. We got 6 little pigs born this morn.

Tuesday, May 3, 1932

Papa birthday 54. Also Mamie Mueth 18. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this morning brought 2 piegons [sic- pigeons], & we made a chicken yet all soup for dinner. The boys where here all afternoon for supper, while the rest went to the funeral. Henry & Leona came back this evening. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Bertille, went out to Frank Birkner;s, she got 1 lb. butter from her 18¢, then we came back to Hecker again, had ½ gal. ice cream & cake, beer. Tonite is a play & dance at Paderborn. Mrs. Louise Birkner was over to see Aunt Mary this afternoon, & also Janita Ronenberg, she is by Robert Lauts here.

Monday, Jan. 4, 1932

We are invited out to Rodenbergs it his birthday but didn’t get there on account of this weather, it rained a little. Eichenseer’s brought feed down for us this afternoon.

Friday, Oct. 9, 1931

We cleaned house the upstairs, this morn. washed curtains.  Cooked catsup, baked bread & coffe [sic] cake.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was up this afternoon.  Him & papa went down to the Molasses factory to get a gal. of foam for Ronerberg, but they didn’t have any there just then, so he just left the bucket there.  Henry & family came up this evening, he also had a 4 gal. crock to take to the factory for foam for Mrs. Geodelle.  He couldn’t get any either, so he left the crock here.