Tuesday, Jan. 31, 1933

It started in to rain a little this morning. The egg man paid us 9½¢ for eggs yesterday 24½ doz. We took our dinner along & went out in the woods. Uncle Fred also came up in the afternoon & helped, he had lunch with us. Aunt Mary stayed by Henry’s. It rained a little this evening.

Monday, Jan. 30, 1933

We washed, ironed. Beautiful day like spring. Papa went up in the woods, this afternoon. Louis Dehn is butchering his hog here at Renneckers 600 lbs. Robert Laut is also, he got 2 hogs from Christ Buehlers. Edwin Reheis had there little baby bay christened the other Sun at Smithon [sic] by Rev. Hosto, called it Emil Fred, was sponsor. Papa brought 1 gal. milk along for the pigs. We went out to Henry’s this evening. Papa & Henry went up to Joe Mueths, this 12 o’clock, he is pretty bad, the doctor gives him up, he breathes so loud, & some times not at all, girls are all at home.

Sunday, Jan. 29, 1933

Rosalia & Bertille went to church, Papa wasn’t feeling very good so he stayed at home. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came over little while before dinner, they had there dinner along across the street. Ted Wuertz was here & told papa that our hog had bad teeth, that is why she don’t eat. Uncle Joe Mueth was here on business on telephone. Mr. Mueth is awful sick, they had the preist [sic] & doctor out, he don’t know any body, & weak; had a light stroke in his legs. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came over again this afternoon she went to church service & we played cards, papa had 1500 trump in diamonds, they where here for supper. Henry & family where also here for supper, they brought 1 gal. milk along for our pigs. Henry took Robert to Doctor Eckerts & wanted to get his tooth pulled, but doc ain’t at home. Fr. Adyt appointed 8 men on comittee [sic] this morning for a meeting after church this afternoon to straighten things out; about Frank Scheinwender taking lumber away & loading up fence roofing, doors, etc. but was stopped by Ed. Parker, Phil Braun, Griffin, Roy Stauenfbiel.

Saturday, Jan. 28, 1933

Papa got crushing done this morning. Geo. Boll was here to sell saussage [sic], we didn’t take nothing. Papa talked with Phil Wuertz, he went past with 3 wheel wagon, broke one wheel of [sic]. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henrys, to get some milk, they took one little pig along out for the boys to take cake of. We have to feed the other two here, in a box by the chicken house, the old sow is sick won’t eat nothing. Line 18 & 7 are tangled together today, & lines 12 & 2 are going to have meeting at the school house to nite. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for supper, they came here from Christ Buehler’s, he is pretty sick, they way they said, so pale.

Friday, Jan. 27, 1933

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped in, from here they went to Belleville. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s to get a load of wheat & oats. Mr. Bess Miller of Waterloo, is going to give a birthday dance Feb. 1. Adm. 25¢ musci [sic] by the accidentals. The way he says in the paper that Miss Ethel mason teacher of Kirsch School, is going to resign on Feb. 10, to get married. Mr. Russel Gregson is driving a new plymouth sedan. It is awful cold this evening.

Thursday, Jan. 26, 1933

We are smoking our summer saussage [sic] again. It is awful windy today. We fixed on our machines, put the new license on. Henry brought a load of corn up. Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Bill Reisfchender of Waterloo where here & looked at our mules; eggs are 10¢ today. the Salvation Army men, where going around begging & playing musci [sic], I don’t think they got very much. We went to Aunt Marys birthday, 56 yrs. old. dancing & singing where the main features, cake & doughnuts where served to the following people, Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Parker & family, Mr. & Mrs. Frank, Henry, Willie, Oscar, Birkner’s & family, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Birkner, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Armstutz; Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brand & family, Adam Eckerts family, Schaefers, Krehres, Papenbergs, Parkers, Robert Probst, Jerome, Hillsheim, Wilfred & Leo Cortner, Loraine & Edwin Neff, Clem Parker, Mr. & Mrs. Ignatz Neff. Oliver Kuehn. It started in raining & wind got to the north, & it sure did get cold. Philip Meuth got the priest out home, some one must be sick. Bill Haudrich of Red Bud had a little baby last Thurs. Jan. 19. Emil Haudrich & Elizabeth Buss where baptism sponsors. It is a little boy. Mr. Ferd. Vogt & Miss Mary Kroll of Hecker, graduated nurse & daughter of Mrs. Agnes Kroll where married Mon. morning at 6’o clock mass, they will make there future home in Waterloo.

Wednesday, Jan. 25, 1933

Papa got a hair cut & shave at the Barbers this morning. Bertille baked cookies. Dr. Isselhardt Dentist moved from Manier down to Harry Kammler’s upstairs.

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1933

Papa went down to John Braun’s & got our clover seed, little better 2 bus. it made, charges were 25¢. We all went out in the woods this afternoon, stopped at Henry’s, first. Jake & Paul Neff are helping him & schock [sic] corn. Bertille got the mail the order from Chicago Mail Co. came, everything all right. Mr. Jung was here wanted to buy eggs, we didn’t sell a one.

Monday, Jan. 23, 1933

Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s & got a hog. We washed, ironed such a nice day; warm. Papa went out in the woods. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & we went over & helped her quilt, it is finished, took it out of the frame. The egg man paid 11¢ for eggs in the store, they are 9¢.

Sunday, Jan. 22, 1933

We went to Red Bud. Mr. Raffle the cigar factory man died & will be buried tomorrow morning 9:30 mass. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came over after dinner, & Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dudenhoeffer were here awhile, for supper. They came out with Magaret [sic – Margaret] & her husband, they went to Maniers. they was here about 2 hrs, Magraret called up & so they left 5:30. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed & played 2 games pinochle.