Friday, Feb. 16, 1934

Papa went out to haul logs; work in the woods. Aunt Mary & Josie came here for dinner. Josie went home about 2 o clock, took Mrs. Eckert along & 20 doz. eggs from here. Papa couldn’t get the car started in the woods, he called up, Josie & Rose went out & got him & took him back again. Wuertz Bros. was here & Uncle Fred came up to get Aunt Mary this evening; there was church, but she didn’t go. Ed. Pabst came. It is colder again, we started furnace fire.

Monday, May 29, 1933

Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henrys washed 2 weeks wash, quilts, worked garden had lunch, dinner, lunch. Laurent from Prairie Du Rocher, & papa came out to look at Henry’s cow he had to trade, didn’t make no trade though, then they went to Uncle Freds, made no trade there either, Henry bought a sheep from him yesterday for .50¢ & old one. Ed Scheinder cut our hay around here, & is going to make it on shares. There was a guy here from below Red Bud, wanted to buy horses. Mr. Philip Wuertz & Ted where here got some more hay. Mrs. Rennecker is 61 yrs. old today. Wagner & Lauts went.

Saturday, May 27, 1933

Papa got crushing done. Mr. Philip Wuertz & Ted where here & brought 4 pigs & took a stack of hay in even trade. Papa went out to Walter Wittenauer’s, Boll’s, Buehlers.

Tuesday, May 23, 1933

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up all afternoon. Rosalia & Bertille helped her house clean across the street, we had lunch with them. We sprayed potatoes this evening. Wuertz boys where here looked at our pigs. We had spring chicken for the first time for this year. Oh boy was it good; believe me it sure was.

Sunday, Jan. 29, 1933

Rosalia & Bertille went to church, Papa wasn’t feeling very good so he stayed at home. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came over little while before dinner, they had there dinner along across the street. Ted Wuertz was here & told papa that our hog had bad teeth, that is why she don’t eat. Uncle Joe Mueth was here on business on telephone. Mr. Mueth is awful sick, they had the preist [sic] & doctor out, he don’t know any body, & weak; had a light stroke in his legs. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came over again this afternoon she went to church service & we played cards, papa had 1500 trump in diamonds, they where here for supper. Henry & family where also here for supper, they brought 1 gal. milk along for our pigs. Henry took Robert to Doctor Eckerts & wanted to get his tooth pulled, but doc ain’t at home. Fr. Adyt appointed 8 men on comittee [sic] this morning for a meeting after church this afternoon to straighten things out; about Frank Scheinwender taking lumber away & loading up fence roofing, doors, etc. but was stopped by Ed. Parker, Phil Braun, Griffin, Roy Stauenfbiel.

Saturday, Jan. 28, 1933

Papa got crushing done this morning. Geo. Boll was here to sell saussage [sic], we didn’t take nothing. Papa talked with Phil Wuertz, he went past with 3 wheel wagon, broke one wheel of [sic]. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henrys, to get some milk, they took one little pig along out for the boys to take cake of. We have to feed the other two here, in a box by the chicken house, the old sow is sick won’t eat nothing. Line 18 & 7 are tangled together today, & lines 12 & 2 are going to have meeting at the school house to nite. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for supper, they came here from Christ Buehler’s, he is pretty sick, they way they said, so pale.

Sunday, Dec. 4, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here a little while this morning, they had a different priest here in Hecker, this morn. Fr. Grooten’s is sick, they say. Mr. Ralph Ettling was here this afternoon & paid of $175.00 part interest $25.50 still due. He told us they had the Sheriff out to Wuertz’s to get there dog, they had pined up in the house, sheriff got there dog for them, he went in the house & got it, at night time. The Wuertz’s boy’s jumped on Buddy & the old lady ordered them of the place, Henkel & Buddy, so they left & got the sheriff, to get them dog. Louis Armstutz was here awhile. We went out to Cleveland’s this evening played 6 hand pinochle, Mr. Cleveland & Rosalia & Bertille partners & the other 3 partners, played 4 games, wine & cake, popcorn where served. That solo set out there where at Papenberg’s last night they said.

Monday, April 18, 1932

We washed, nice day & Christ Buehler was here, this morning, he came to get his shovel, & looked at the colts. Papa went down to see Jos. Gregson but couldn’t make no trade. This afternoon he went out to Henry’s then to Buehler’s. We washed windows & put the screens on this afternoon. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here awhile this eve, they came from Waterloo, stopped by Henry’s, then came here, they bought a rug for the big room & paint for outside around the rug 12 x 15. They where invited out to Jonny Krehers for birthday party but didn’t go. we didn’t have not invitation. Jonny Wuertz was here & looked at our colts.

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