Saturday, Jan. 28, 1933

Papa got crushing done this morning. Geo. Boll was here to sell saussage [sic], we didn’t take nothing. Papa talked with Phil Wuertz, he went past with 3 wheel wagon, broke one wheel of [sic]. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henrys, to get some milk, they took one little pig along out for the boys to take cake of. We have to feed the other two here, in a box by the chicken house, the old sow is sick won’t eat nothing. Line 18 & 7 are tangled together today, & lines 12 & 2 are going to have meeting at the school house to nite. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for supper, they came here from Christ Buehler’s, he is pretty sick, they way they said, so pale.

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