Saturday, Feb. 28, 1931

Hy. Armstutz was here & wanted Papa to sew clover seed, so it went down to the field & sow it.  This afternoon he went to Mrs. Bersche’s sale at Waterloo.  Bertille got up this afternoon for the first time for almost a week.  Rosalia is setting out onion sets today.  Papa planted 150 cabbage plants from Mrs. Johnny Kreher because neither one of us were able too at the time.  Our little chicks are doing wonderful now.  Elmer Rittemeyer also got his leg broken, the other day, when Adolph called he jumped out & broke his leg.  Adolph must be in a terrible condition the way they say.  Papa bought a few articles at Bersche’s sale this afternoon.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to a sale in Belleville, they bought a iron bed & a few other articles.  This evening Papa & Uncle Fred went in to get it with our truck. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for supper.

Friday, Feb. 27, 1931

Papa went out in the woods this morn. & this afternoon he went out to Henry’s to help him get his seed oats ready to sew.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening.  Aunt Mary & Rosalia went to church.

Thursday, Feb. 26, 1931

Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred were here today.  Mary went to the sewing circle.  Uncle Fred work over at the place.  Papa was out in the woods this afternoon hauling wood together.  Aldoph Rittemeyer got hurt this evening.  They were moving a brooder house out from Belleville to Aldoph place.  Aldoph was standing on the brooder house when he hit the telephone wire crossing the hard road by Lipperts.  The wire hit him under the chin and knocked him off of the truck they rushed him to the hospital.  And he has a fracture scaul [skull].  Broken collar bone and a broken hip.  And still unconscious and in very bad shape.

[Ed. note: This entry is not in Bertille’s handwriting.  Strong possibility that it was written by Rosalia].

Wednesday, Feb. 25, 1931

[No entry recorded].

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 1931

Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred were here today.  They planted their cabbage plants out today.  Alfred May was here today and gave Pa some sale bills to put up in town they were Mr. Caldwells sale bills.  Eggs are 14¢ now.

[Ed. note: This entry is not written in Bertille’s handwriting.  It is a possibility that it is written by Rosalia].

Monday, Feb. 23, 1931

Leona was up today and got some medicine.  Bobbys got the measles.  Papa was at church last night.  Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred were at Christ Buehlers last night.  Frieda’s birthday was.  So many people are dying from the measles in Red Bud.  Mrs. Threfall move to Darmstadt last Wed.

[Ed. note:  This entry was not written by Bertille.  Perhaps Rosalia?]

Sunday, Feb. 22, 1931

Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred were here for dinner today, Bertille is got the measles.

[Ed. note: This entry was not written by Bertille.  Perhaps Rosalia?]

Saturday, Feb. 21, 1931

Papa got crushing done this morn. & this afternoon went out in the woods.  There was a man here this morn. & left a bar of Lime [?] Toilet Soap & a box of Rinso here for nothing, advertising.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here a little while this afternoon, from here they went out to help Buehler’s clean things up.

Friday, Feb. 20, 1931

We sent a birthday card today too Martha Boll, her birthday is Sunday, & also it is Frieda Buehler’s.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here a little while this morn. & then they went down to Red Bud to help Christ Buehler’s move, they are going to to move on Mrs. Threfall’s farm today.  He has already 4 horses, & a wagon.  He only took 3 horses past here, & 2 truck loads of furniture & things.  Mrs. Buehler is also helping them.  Bertille went to church this evening.

Thursday, Feb. 19, 1931

Papa took 12 doz. egg off & got 12¢ a doz.  Tonight is Poultry meeting.  Papa went, there was about 24 people there.  Speakers were Frank Schwim, Ed Parker, Henry Braun & a Commission man from St. Louis.