Saturday, Dec. 31, 1932

Josie Keller came here this morning a little bit & called Heyls, then she went on down she was invited there for tonite New Years Eve party & it is Ben’s birthday, she intends to stay till about Wednesday. Papa got crushing done this morn. Geo. Schilling says Ben’s in bed this morn. & so is Levi Ganley. There is a sign put in front of the bank door again this morn, made of cedar, a wreath, & on a board, remind that another year past bank closed, just 2 years. Mr. Wm. Reagean & son where here on business. Mrs. Geodelle called up for Rosalia to come out there at Henry’s now, because she wants to go home with milk driver this morrow morning. Henry & Floyd where up but not outside yet today. There was a little shooting go on here in town awhile, shooting the old year out & the new in.

Friday, Dec. 30, 1932

It rained last night & nearly all day. Bertille called up all around see how everybody was. There all in bed at Henry’s except Bobby. Mrs. Geodelle is out there. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary is about the same yet. Dr. Schmidt from Red Bud was up at Hill’s this morning, they are both awful hoarse. Papa got the papers went it stopped raining, isn’t much in it, thought that a few got paid for there land for the hard road on Route 156 from Waterloo to Hecker. Mary J. Kemp got $26.00. Jennie Kemp heirs $82.00. Bessie Parker $225.00. Leslie Wilkinson $57.50, don’t know how it is they all got paid, & guess wouldn’t give. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Heumer of St. Louis have a baby girl born Dec. 27 Tues. 8 lb. 14 ozs. she was formerly Minnie Geodelle, Gus’ sister. Arthur Stiehl cut his hand pretty bad, they had to take him to the doctor.

Thursday, Dec. 29, 1932

The weather is sure nice these days. Papa went up town got some aspirins tablets this morning. He split wood, smoked summer sassage [sic] all day. Papa & Rosalia rung the pigs this morn. We made a patch beer today. Leona came up she was by Doc. Eckert, they are sick to now. Henry is in bed & Floyd had fever last night she said, guess everybody will get it, bad cold. Steve Rennecker came over awhile this afternoon. They are all right yet, George Wagner family & Mrs. Rennecker went to Belleville this afternoon.

Wednesday, Dec. 28, 1932

It is a nice day again. Steve Rennecker went butchering at Al. Heyl’s. Bertille isn’t feeling well today. Aunt Mary called up to see how we all where; there all about the same yet. Clarence Wittenauer had a general call put over the lines that he had lost a dog. This evening he called into Sheriff Al Gauen, what he should do, because he knew the party was has his dog, he wanted to know wether [sic] it should notify him or just go & get it there. Papa & Rosalia shelled corn this afternoon & killed 25 mice.

Tuesday, Dec. 27, 1932

We washed, ironed. Papa has a headache & a cold too. Rosalia is just about over it. The flu & grippe is just all over, you see in the paper, Belleville, Milstadt [sic], Hecker, Smithon [sic], just everywhere. In Urbana the students can’t go home for Christmas, they are quarantined for Scarlet fever, so much sickness it is terrible. Papa went to Red Bud on business this afternoon. Mr. Tecklenburg egg man got 9 doz. today, he paid 29¢, eggs are coming down he says, & there isn’t many.

Monday, Dec. 26, 1932

We went out to Uncle Fred’s had dinner there. Aunt Mary is pretty good, coughs a little, but Uncle Fred isn’t so well yet, he had awful fever he said. It is pretty nice again today, not cold, we brought our pecans along 2 lbs. 10¢ they got them from Ronenberg’s, come from Evansville, Aunt Mary ordered 10 lbs. from them.

Sunday, Dec. 25, 1932

Henry went along to Red Bud church, Leona stayed here with the kids & got breakfast ready. We went out there for dinner chicken stuffed; played cards in the afternoon. It is so nice warm today. Clarence Wagner came down this evening. Rosalia & Bertille went up to Eichenseer’s, Mamie showed us her Christmas tree, with electric lights on, then we went down to the program in the Evangical [sic] Church, it was right nice, they had songs, diagloues [sic – dialogues], speeches, the church was packed, some had to stand in the back.

Saturday, Dec. 24, 1932

We went to Red Bud to church this afternoon. It is an awful south wind, we put some of our meat, ribs & backbones in salt water, it is so warm. Mr. & Mrs. Hill both have such severe cold; got doctor, Smith & Eckert. Emmie Eckert has a carbuncle under her arm as big as a hen egg. We got a Christmas Greeting from Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dudenhoeffer. Henry & family came up this evening, stayed all night. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary couldn’t come they both have the flu.

Friday, Dec. 23, 1932

We finished our quilt with the border & scallops. It is awful ugly out, windy, rainy. Bertille got the mail, got a Christmas greeting from Mr. & Mrs. Sig. Dudenhoeffer.

Thursday, Dec. 22, 1932

Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henry’s got a tree, & fixed it up this morn. Papa went to Hecker this afternoon & bought peanuts, candy & oranges, & paid the Whip. Ins. $5.80. We popped corn & strung it for the tree. Bertille went & mailed a few cards at the post office this evening, & brought some along back, from Josie Keller for us & Uncle Fred, & Mrs. Creses Freund from St. Louis, she is working at 13 Danford Il [? – unclear]. There is service at the Hecker church we didn’t go. They put the tree-up & decorated it at the Evangical [sic] Church, the have electric lights & also at the school house, the play is tomorrow night.