Wednesday, Dec. 13, 1939

Orlets came, fried in meat & washed, ironed. Pap & Leo made fence. Bill [Klein] came went to see several people came back for supper & Bert [Bertille] went along back with him, stopped at Geo. Cortners, ordered goose for Christmas dinner.

Sunday, Dec. 25, 1938

Christmas. Went to 6 o clock mass, stayed for 2nd mass. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary, Henry & family & Leo & family & Bill were here for Turkey dinner & supper, took pictures in afternoon, beautiful warm day. Went out to Henrys this evening, seen what Santa Claus brought, tree etc. so many things.

Saturday, Dec. 24, 1938

Went to Waterloo, church etc. Getting ready for Christmas Dinner. Roads are awful muddy at present.

Sunday, Dec. 25, 1932

Henry went along to Red Bud church, Leona stayed here with the kids & got breakfast ready. We went out there for dinner chicken stuffed; played cards in the afternoon. It is so nice warm today. Clarence Wagner came down this evening. Rosalia & Bertille went up to Eichenseer’s, Mamie showed us her Christmas tree, with electric lights on, then we went down to the program in the Evangical [sic] Church, it was right nice, they had songs, diagloues [sic – dialogues], speeches, the church was packed, some had to stand in the back.