Tillie’s Family

Papa: Anton Brand, widowed father of Henry, Rosalia and Bertille. Their mom, Catherine (nee Crowe) died in 1917. Farmer.

Henry: Brother to Bertille, first born (1904). Farmer.

Leona (maiden name Goeddel): Henry’s wife.  Sister in law to Rosalia & Bertille. Married to Henry since 1928.

Robert “Bobby”: Henry & Leona’s son. Robert was born in 1926 to Henry and his first wife (Louisa nee Schilling) who died a month after his birth.

Floyd: Henry & Leona second son, born in 1929.

Willis “Billy”: Henry & Leona third son, born in 1933.

Rosalia “Rose”: Sister to Bertille, second born (1911). Lives at home.

Aunt Mary: Sister to Anton. Married to Fred Birkner. Lives on nearby farm.

Uncle Fred: Husband to Mary. Full name: Fred Birkner. Brother-in-law to Anton. Farmer.

Uncle Adam: Uncle to Anton. Great-Uncle to Bertille, etc. Full name: Adam Brand. Farmer.

Emil: Cousin to Bertille, etc. Full name: Emil Brand. Uncle Adam’s son. Nephew to Anton. Farmer. Unmarried.

Grandpa: aka Nicholas Brand. Brother to Adam Brand. Anton’s father who died in 1925.


  1. Judy Matzenbacher says

    I just discovered Tillie today. What an interesting story…I am enjoying it so much. When was Tillie born & died? Where did she live?

  2. Joanne Gregson Cowell says

    Thanks for posting these each day. I enjoy reading them. I recognize some of these names & even know/knew some of the people talked about. My parents have been mentioned in posts.

  3. Linda Wittenauer mathews says

    Love reading your entries. Where did you live growing up.

  4. le Soden says

    Can’t wait to read this to my husband, he was born in 31′ to a farming family. We are now 6 generations here on on the farm.

  5. Vicki says

    I was told recently that the house I just purchased was actually her aunt and uncle’s house that they rented out. I would love to know if that is true if someone could contact me!

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