Who is Angie?

Hi! I am Angie Kelly and I am the person behind Tillie’s Tales. I transcribe her journals on a weekly basis as well as provide general genealogy related content. I am the youngest granddaughter of Bertille “Tillie” Brand Klein. I have a passion for family history and how your family’s story fits into the greater scope of history. History is not just rich old white men who did things a long time ago but rather the struggles, the joys and the day-to-day living of those ancestors that came before us. Once their story is unearthed, we quickly realize that we are continuing to make history today.

Right now.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Beloit College, a stay-at-home mom to two girls and have worked/volunteered in libraries for over 20 years. During that same period I have enjoyed using those skills to discover the story of my father’s and mother’s families. Tillie’s Tales grew out of this love. Since her journals were not of a personal nature, I felt compelled to put them on the internet so others could discover their family’s history in her writings from the 1930s.

I can help you as well. Fill out the following form to schedule a free 30 minute chat (via our computers) where we will talk about where you are at in finding your family’s story and how I can aid in that discovery.