Saturday, April 30, 1932

Emil was here this afternoon awhile. The egg man got 20 doz. eggs @ 9¢ doz. Bertille washed the chiers [? – illegible]. We cooked another kettle of soap. We went out to Uncle Fred’s, listened to the radio.

Friday, April 29, 1932

Last day for schools at most places. It rained last nite, & all day. Bad for the funerals today. Ed Parker’s have a barn dance, tonite we where invited, but the weather was unfavorable, & didn’t go. Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Hill of Smithon [sic] have a little baby boy born in St. Elizabeths Hospital the other day.

Thursday, April 28, 1932

We cooked another kettle of soap this morning. Papa went to Red Bud to Miss Bel & paid $6.00 pew rent, then he drove out through the blackjack home. Two fellows where here looking at our colt this evening. We all went up to Eichenseer’s, went to see Mamie. They are painting the wash house.

Wednesday, April 27, 1932

It is white frost & pretty cold this morning. We cooked a kettle of soap this morning. The people from Collinsville that wanted to buy timber stopped in again, papa went along to the woods with them, but didn’t sell anything. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary worked around there place up here, cut lawn & such like. The Hecker baseball club, All Stars are giving a dance in Fred Weber’s barn tonite, Rheinharts playing. Fredrick Fristche was here & got 2 settings eggs 35¢. Ray Schmidt the tinner of Waterloo was around advertising stoves. In the evening paper, it say Chas. Dalkert, editor & publisher of the Waterloo Times died & will be buried Fri afternoon, he was 68 yrs. old, suffering from an heart attack. The sons will keep up the business as usual. Mrs. Friewelier, Anna Faust mother died & will be buried Thurs. afternoon at Waterloo. Henry & family & Ralph Collier where here this evening.

Tuesday, April 26, 1932

The paper says last nite that there was teribble [sic] tornado in Memphis Tennessee. 8 killed, 5 injured so far. Papa went out to get a load of wood but it was to soft, he got stuck, he stopped at Henry’s awhile. Rosalia & Bertille went out to Uncle Freds this afternoon & helped clean house, had lunch there. They varnished the middle room floor, got the big room all fixed up already. Fredrick Fristche was here & wanted 2 settings of eggs, but we didn’t have it on hand, so he is coming tomorrow evening.

Monday, April 25, 1932

We washed, ironed today. Papa went out to help Henry finish stretching wire. A man from Collinsville was here & wanted to buy timber. The egg man got 12 doz. eggs for 9¢ today. Mrs. Rennecker & Mrs. Bill Gregson was here Mrs. Gregson orders 4 doz. eggs for setting 14¢ – 56¢. It rained this evening & turned colder. Papa had dinner out at Henry’s.

Sunday, April 24, 1932

We went to Red Bud church, & also went to the hospital to see Mamie Meuth, she got operated for appendix, she is getting along fine. Clem Parker & Aaron Papenberg where here & invited us for the barn dance at George Parkers tonite, Elmer’s 18th Birthday. So we went out this evening. Papa went up town this afternoon. Bertille went up to Lester Gregson’s but there was nobody there, they where at Joe Gregsons.

Saturday, April 23, 1932

Papa went to get a haircut & shave. Ed Neff’s little boy is getting buried this morning, church up here at 9 o’clock then to Red Bud cemetery. Papa went out to help Henry stretch wire.

Friday, April 22, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here this eve. Today is Cora Armstutz birthday. They tolled the bell this morning in the Catholic church for Ed Neff’s little boy died last night, it had bad cold & fever. Mrs. Bernius from Smithon [sic- Smithton] hung herself today in her home, worried over her husband’s death about 1 mo. ago. George Schilling bought the Ganley farm today sold at the court house at Waterloo.

Thursday, April 21, 1932

It rained this morning. We waxed our dining room floor. Papa took the Whippet to Barthels Garage & got repairs on it. Joe Gregson & Lee where here & looked at the colts again. We planted some tomatoe [sic] plants out this morning. Papa & Rosalia shoe came, & everything is alright. Mrs. Rennecker & the teacher went to Red Bud this evening.