Monday, April 11, 1938

Went to Leo’s, washed, cleaned room, worked garden. Pap went to Ververs to get 22 doz. white rock setting eggs for 24 [cents] doz. blood listed; he then cleaned chicken house & set 19 hens. Leo & Rose [Rosalia] brought Bert [Bertille] home this eve; took truck along back.

Monday, April 30, 1934

We washed, ironed. Beautiful day. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, he helped papa with the shed, had lunch, & supper. They had lots company yesterday, Buehler’s family, Frank Birkner’s family, Uncle Adam & Emil. Mr. Hill was here, also Joe Johns, peddler, Frederick Fritsche, Maryanna, wanted setting eggs; we have none. Papa went to Hy. Armstutz got mixing box. The fire men pumped Uncle Fritz’s [aka Uncle Fred – ed.] cistern dry, put it in the tank. Papa went over awhile to help them, some mess.

Thursday, May 18, 1933

Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henry’s helped, wash & work garden, planted cabbage & tomato plants. Eunice Scheinder was here & paid papa the rest of the money for the setting eggs that time. We have 8 little pigs born today but 1 is dead.

Thursday, March 2, 1933

We cleaned upstairs this afternoon. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s got a load of wheat. Papa went out on business this afternoon. Joe Watchel’s got a dinning [sic] room set delivered to them this morn, from Miller furniture from Belleville; it was 6 chairs, table, rocker, & buffet, rug. It is real warm the past days. Henry got setting eggs from Uncle Dan & Aunt Emma, the other night, & took them in to Geodells, to set, Gus is going to set them for Henry with Henrys incubator. We went out to Uncle Fred’s, this eve, played 6 hand pinochle, & had popcorn, listened to the radio.

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1933

St. Valentine’s Day, & turning cold again, rain & sleet. We got a bottle of bluing today by mail from so Co. got the Chicago Mail Order catalog. There was a fellow around & brought a bottle of medicine good for everything. Rosalia took a dose after supper. Henry Armstutz was here this morn. There was a guy around delivering Freedman Bros. papers sale. Red Bud & Waterloo are giving euchres this evening, but it is an awful bad nite, so we didn’t go. Ironed & quilt today. Mrs. Schenider called up & wanted setting eggs, but we haven’t any right now. The hard road is awful slick, there was a car turned over in front of Ed Parker’s, & Vic Braun & Paul Neff turned over in Smithon [sic] at Siebert store, they where coming home from St. Louis. Ralph Rausch turned over with his lic. [ed. note: unclear] Willie Heyl’s boy is being buried this afternoon at Waterloo.

Wednesday, April 27, 1932

It is white frost & pretty cold this morning. We cooked a kettle of soap this morning. The people from Collinsville that wanted to buy timber stopped in again, papa went along to the woods with them, but didn’t sell anything. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary worked around there place up here, cut lawn & such like. The Hecker baseball club, All Stars are giving a dance in Fred Weber’s barn tonite, Rheinharts playing. Fredrick Fristche was here & got 2 settings eggs 35¢. Ray Schmidt the tinner of Waterloo was around advertising stoves. In the evening paper, it say Chas. Dalkert, editor & publisher of the Waterloo Times died & will be buried Fri afternoon, he was 68 yrs. old, suffering from an heart attack. The sons will keep up the business as usual. Mrs. Friewelier, Anna Faust mother died & will be buried Thurs. afternoon at Waterloo. Henry & family & Ralph Collier where here this evening.

Monday, April 25, 1932

We washed, ironed today. Papa went out to help Henry finish stretching wire. A man from Collinsville was here & wanted to buy timber. The egg man got 12 doz. eggs for 9¢ today. Mrs. Rennecker & Mrs. Bill Gregson was here Mrs. Gregson orders 4 doz. eggs for setting 14¢ – 56¢. It rained this evening & turned colder. Papa had dinner out at Henry’s.

Friday, April 8, 1932

It is colder this morning. Papa went out & got a load of posts & went also to see Roy Stauenfbiel. Uncle Fred helped him to finished setting posts, they was here for dinner, then they went home. Roy Stauenfbiel came here again & said he guessed he couldn’t make it for the colts. Mr. Hugo Ross was here wanted to buy chickens, but we don’t sell any, he also sells suits samples he showed them all to us. The same fellow that was around last Friday to sell fish was here again, we sent him off to Hill, he brought 2 that all he had left. Chas. Jung egg man from Red Bud stopped & bought setting eggs 25¢.

Monday, April 13, 1931

Papa went to Freeburg this morning to see about some wire, he brought some along home.  He was at New Athens too.  We washed, ironed, patched, baked bread & coffee cake today.  This afternoon Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here, he helped Papa fix fence, & Rosalia started her dress.  Fredrick Fritsche was here & got 2 setting of egg for 15¢, store price.  It started to rain this evening.

Friday, April 10, 1931

Henry & kids came up this afternoon.  Henry went out to see Ignatz Neff’s cream seperator.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came too.  Uncle Fred stayed here with the kids & the rest of us went to Belleville & got spring hats.  Steve Rennecker was here & wanted to know if they could get setting eggs, they want 1 of each kind, so this evening she came over & got them for 15¢ a doz.  Mr. Hill called a telephone meeting here this evening, he & Mr. & Mrs. Rennecker, George Wagner were the only one present.  The next meeting was adjourned until July by H. M. Hill.  Fr. Grootens was here a little while this evening.

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