Tuesday, April 16, 1935

Pap is setting posts. We finished patching & are binding the quilt. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here, working in there garden; & sewed seeds. Walter Wittenauer came, for corn & hog contract signing, he is on the committee; did very little here, looked at the colt. Joe John stopped, we didn’t buy anything. This morning about 7:30 fire alarm was sounded, Gambach’s chimney was burning, no damaged done, fire department was right there, but didn’t have to use it much; put salt on the flame, in upstairs kitchen stove; alarm ring over the town lines was called. It is town election, today but no one came here, so they didn’t go to vote. Eggs are 20¢. Berti took some up to Mertz Store.

Friday, April 8, 1932

It is colder this morning. Papa went out & got a load of posts & went also to see Roy Stauenfbiel. Uncle Fred helped him to finished setting posts, they was here for dinner, then they went home. Roy Stauenfbiel came here again & said he guessed he couldn’t make it for the colts. Mr. Hugo Ross was here wanted to buy chickens, but we don’t sell any, he also sells suits samples he showed them all to us. The same fellow that was around last Friday to sell fish was here again, we sent him off to Hill, he brought 2 that all he had left. Chas. Jung egg man from Red Bud stopped & bought setting eggs 25¢.

Thursday, April 7, 1932

It rained this morning & turned colder. Papa took 24 doz. eggs to the store & got 9¢, this afternoon he went out to Henry’s & got a load of posts. Roy Stauenfbiel was here & looked at our colts & pigs, but thought it was to much money for him to buy. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up again this afternoon. He helped papa set posts, they where here for lunch, supper. He also brought the check here what Fr. Grootens gave him $20 or $19.23 for he paid Anna Brauns tax, papa had paid it for his house here in town, so now he paid her tax & Uncle Fred had to return the tax receipt. This evening we all went over to Uncle Fred house accross [sic] the street & had a card game, they invited Hy. Armstutz & H.M. Hill, so they played 6 handed. Hy. had one time 1500 trump, & Papa & Uncle Fred bot had it the same time one 1500 spades & the other 1500 hearts, the bid was 2295, Uncle Fred got it, & made it too, they stayed in Hecker all night.

Wednesday, June 10, 1931

We sure did have some rain last night.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here for lunch this afternoon then her, & Bertille went over to Ed. Meng’s, took them some flower, & brought some of there’s back.  Mrs. Rennecker canned 41 qts. of cherries, she still has a few on the tree yet.  Papa is setting posts today.  Jac. Helfrich & his wife where injured in an automobile accident in Belleville the other day.  Mr. Laut & Stuart where talking to Papa in the field this afternoon, Mr. Hill & Meng also.  Mr. Klinkhardt from St. Louis is out visiting in Hecker by Mrs. Pour.  Mr. Hill & him & others where playing pinoche at Griffins this morning & this afternoon.  Her is leaving with bus this evening.

Thursday, April 16, 1931

Papa went to the tractor demonstrating on Kesslers farm west of Hecker.  A Cascey tractor from Red Bud.  Papa & Rosalia went out in the woods to get a load of posts.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon to plant some popcorn at their place.  They where here for lunch.  This evening they went to the dance in Wiegands brick house.  George Emery & Clarence Busch gave it, ladies free, gents 25¢.

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