Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1934

Pap went out haul logs. Aunt Mary & Josie where here for dinner, came up for church, stayed here for the cheese, played 2 games pinochle this afternoon. Mr. Talbot brought 3 lbs. cheese got it from Mertz Store. “St. Valentine’s Day.” Mrs. Henry Hoerth nee Wagner, of East St. Louis was buried yesterday, found her dead in bed. Mr. Aug. Busch, of the Busch Brewery of St. Louis killed himself yesterday; shot, on account of his health. We went to Red Bud service, took Helfrich’s along. The electric lights went out in church. Eggs are 15¢.

Thursday, April 16, 1931

Papa went to the tractor demonstrating on Kesslers farm west of Hecker.  A Cascey tractor from Red Bud.  Papa & Rosalia went out in the woods to get a load of posts.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon to plant some popcorn at their place.  They where here for lunch.  This evening they went to the dance in Wiegands brick house.  George Emery & Clarence Busch gave it, ladies free, gents 25¢.