Tuesday, Jan. 31, 1939

Cloudy & warmer today. Leona came & Billy [Willis]. Henry brought them, then went back home again, they helped quilt, had dinner & supper, also Henry & boys came up for supper. Leo & family came to, we finished the quilt & took it out this eve.; played tricks, popped corn etc.

Friday, Dec. 8, 1933

Holiday. Went to 6 o clock mass at Red Bud. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner; she bought soup beef & bread had dinner here. We took a chance on a stitched quilt at Red Bud, this morn. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kelley & cousins & neighbor where here on business with regard to Uncle Fred’s. Frank Emery was here bought 20 lbs. popcorn at 4¢ lb; ears & all. We all & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary visited Uncle Adam & Emil this evening.

Thursday, Oct. 22, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up all day, cleaned there garden.  They had chicken soup dinner with us.  Papa shocked the last of our popcorn today.  There where 2 ladies here this afternoon wanted to buy some White Rock hens, but we won’t sell any of ours now.  George Emery when coming home from the dance at Brezzy [sic] hill the other night ran in the ditch by Parker’s, he was sleeping, he smashed his car, the radiator especially.  Henry & family came up this evening after there a dance in Kammler’s Hall, Herzog Orchestra.

Thursday, April 16, 1931

Papa went to the tractor demonstrating on Kesslers farm west of Hecker.  A Cascey tractor from Red Bud.  Papa & Rosalia went out in the woods to get a load of posts.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon to plant some popcorn at their place.  They where here for lunch.  This evening they went to the dance in Wiegands brick house.  George Emery & Clarence Busch gave it, ladies free, gents 25¢.

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