Thursday, Oct. 29, 1931

We fried down a ham & a qt. saussage [sic].  Henry sold everything in Waterloo last eve, all but a piece backbone, 2 bacons, shoulder, for 20 & 15¢.  Henry & Leona went to Belleville this afternoon, & the kids stayed here.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up took some more turnips out, sold 1 bu. to Hy. Meng in trade with a bu. of sweet potatoes, for 50¢ bus. both of them.  There was a man here from Et. St. Louis & asked permission to leave his truck & a load of posts here, he had a flat tire & couldn’t get none at the store, so they unloaded the posts & left the truck here.  The egg man paid us 24¢.  We sold 63# Sprs. for 13¢ lb, Rosalia took them up.  She bought a lb. butter olea & got a towel along free, butter was 20¢.  This evening we all went up town, Rosalia & Bertille went to Kammler’s Hall to the dance given by the baseball club.  There wasn’t many there left them in free, then afterwords started charging 25¢ so we left.  Where home at 9 o’clock.  Bill Herzog & orchestra played.  Sure nice musci [sic].

Sunday, Oct. 25, 1931

We went to Waterloo church this morning to hear the new organ, & they have 2 weeks mission starting today.  This week for the women & next for the men.  We went to George Boll’s shooting match but didn’t win a thing, there wasn’t much of a crowd there, he had 11 geese & a few ducks to raffle.  Fred Schaefer was here this morn. to collect his threshing bill, papa paid him $1.85, for Henry.  Harry Kammler has a dance tonight, Peter Bros. playing Thurs. night.  The Hecker baseball club is giving a dance in Kammler’s Hall, Herzog Orchestra.

Thursday, Oct. 22, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up all day, cleaned there garden.  They had chicken soup dinner with us.  Papa shocked the last of our popcorn today.  There where 2 ladies here this afternoon wanted to buy some White Rock hens, but we won’t sell any of ours now.  George Emery when coming home from the dance at Brezzy [sic] hill the other night ran in the ditch by Parker’s, he was sleeping, he smashed his car, the radiator especially.  Henry & family came up this evening after there a dance in Kammler’s Hall, Herzog Orchestra.

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