Thursday, Sept. 22, 1938

Bert [Bertille] cleaned room upstairs; varnished. Pap helped Wittenauer boy’s spread lime dust this afternoon, with our spreader. They broke ax;e on theirs, this morn. went out to Henry’s got ours. Nice day, pretty warm again. Josie Keller is out at U. [Uncle] Freds. They came up this eve. we played 3 games 5 hand pinochle, she took 10 3/4 lb. springs, 1 1/2 eggs 4 lbs. lard 10 [cents] along & flowers etc.

Friday, Aug. 20, 1937

Beautiful day; finished ironing, canned 5 qt peaches. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came this afternoon, she helped to peel, cut lawn etc. Chris Buehler brought Henry’s 2 colts here, pap bought them from Henry $85 a piece. Lena Meng looked at peaches. We got 20 ½¢ for springs sold here to Mertz 18 – 51 lbs.

Thursday, June 25, 1936

Today threshing begins Joe & Geo. Schilling & Joe Watchels; at E. Rettinghouse. Pap & Rose went to Belleville with 28 springs 59 lbs. @ 20¢. Pap put new screens on basement.

Monday, June 8, 1936

We washed ironed. Pap went to Waterloo, to Farm Bureau Meeting. Emil was here & Jac. Erle. Brand’s family came this evening. Mrs. Ed. Moffit won the Ford V.8 at Dupo. Sure hot 93 at 4:30 over the radio. Eggs 17¢ spring chix 19.

Wednesday, June 19, 1935

Papa went to Evansville to see Volkmann, about horse trading, brought him along & he looked at the mares, had dinner, then papa took him as far as Red Bud. We went to Belleville this afternoon. Baked bread & cake, pie, cookies this morning; sold 7 springs, @ 15½¢; to the market at Belleville. We made a little girl with a sprinkle can for in front of the house, & painted it. We went out to Henry’s, Emil came & Dan Geodell’s also. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & we went to Chris Buehlers this evening, brought ½ gal. cherries along, we gave them to Leona.

Thursday, Sept. 29, 1932

Mr. Jung got 136¾ lbs. spring chickens at 10¢ lb. Papa fixed a corn crib. John Braun called up that our cow got over in his patch. The people are plowing the ground at the church place yesterday & today. Some guys from St. Louis are fixing the house, replastering & talk is out Frank is going to get married before Christmas & moved out there. We went out to Uncle Freds brought them some butter & cheese. Mrs. Geo. Gambach’s have a new Chev. Talk is out that Mrs. John Ambruster left & Lillian too last Friday, they moved to Belleville, furniture & everything, John & Raymond is still on the farm.

Friday, Aug. 26, 1932

It rained last night, we cut in 2½ saurkraut [sic] this morning. Rang over the lines this morn, that Geo. Lorberg is going to have a shooting match next Sun. on ducks, & pigs. Papa got a letter from Gus. Blackburn, for $3.00 that papa owes him for road rent 1 yr. ago; they had called it straight, till now it want his pay. Papa hauled a load of wood & he seen Gus, so he is going to pay him in the near future. A fellow from St. Louis was here & bought 12 doz. eggs & 9 lbs. springs 13¢ & eggs 15¢. Bertille went over to Renneckers with the papers.

Thursday, June 2, 1932

We caught all our chickens & clip the wings of this morn. Jung was here & got 30½ lbs. sprs. for 16¢. Blackburn’s dance was postponed for last nite, cause of the rain last nite, it is tonite. Biebel Roofing fellows where here again & made the deal for the barn, the mare for $75 & the balance $25. that makes $1100.00 roof asphalt shingles. egg 7¢.

Thursday, Oct. 29, 1931

We fried down a ham & a qt. saussage [sic].  Henry sold everything in Waterloo last eve, all but a piece backbone, 2 bacons, shoulder, for 20 & 15¢.  Henry & Leona went to Belleville this afternoon, & the kids stayed here.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up took some more turnips out, sold 1 bu. to Hy. Meng in trade with a bu. of sweet potatoes, for 50¢ bus. both of them.  There was a man here from Et. St. Louis & asked permission to leave his truck & a load of posts here, he had a flat tire & couldn’t get none at the store, so they unloaded the posts & left the truck here.  The egg man paid us 24¢.  We sold 63# Sprs. for 13¢ lb, Rosalia took them up.  She bought a lb. butter olea & got a towel along free, butter was 20¢.  This evening we all went up town, Rosalia & Bertille went to Kammler’s Hall to the dance given by the baseball club.  There wasn’t many there left them in free, then afterwords started charging 25¢ so we left.  Where home at 9 o’clock.  Bill Herzog & orchestra played.  Sure nice musci [sic].

Friday, Oct. 23, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went down & cleaned our truck patch this morning, we have our green tomatoes all picked.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up all day & pulled there turnips up, some of them, they tried to deliver some around town, but couldn’t sell many, some to Mrs. Dueker & Mrs. Ahrens, that all they sold.  The egg man came this afternoon he got our 8 doz. eggs & 1 bu. pears, from Uncle Fred, & they took 14¾ lbs. of springs along for 194, that’s the price at Lipperts.  Eggs came down a ¢ in the paper, they are 25¢ today.  We pulled our turnips out & put them in the cellar, what we had by the roadside.  They rung over the lines last night that John Schmidt the tinner, he used to be at Waterloo died & would be buried Sat. afternoon, & also that Geo. Boll has shooting match Sun. for ducks & geese.  Carl Quathmer also has shooting match Sun. Willie Reagean’s, quite a few Sunday.  They worked at the cemetery agan today, Braun, Grossheim, Schaefer had the teams.