Friday, June 3, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went to Belleville to see the Biebel Roofing Co. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary had intended coming up this afternoon but it rained. Seen in the paper that there where 1500 people attended the pinic [sic] here Monday & 500 people attended service Sun.

Thursday, June 2, 1932

We caught all our chickens & clip the wings of this morn. Jung was here & got 30½ lbs. sprs. for 16¢. Blackburn’s dance was postponed for last nite, cause of the rain last nite, it is tonite. Biebel Roofing fellows where here again & made the deal for the barn, the mare for $75 & the balance $25. that makes $1100.00 roof asphalt shingles. egg 7¢.

Wednesday, June 1, 1932

Gus Blackburn’s having a public barn dance tonite, Gents 25¢ Ladies free. It rained pretty heavy this afternoon. The Biebel Roofing fellows where here again today. The egg man was here & wanted to get some more chickens for 16¢. He is coming tomorrow morning to get them. Hy. Armstutz came here awhile this evening. Papa was over by Rennecker’s awhile. We planted flowers out.

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