Monday, Oct. 31, 1932

Hallowe’n today. Henry had intended to butcher a cow today, but it rained, & ugly out. The kids at the Blackburn School, was going to have a chicken bouillion, [sic] & Hallowe’n party but the weather is unfavorable, so they will have it tomorrow. Rosalia was sewing with the machine, & got her finger under the needle, it went through the nail & out on the other side, we pulled it out with the pliers. Henry was up taking orders for beef, he is going to kill it tomorrow. He has about 3 quarter sold.

Sunday, Oct. 30, 1932

Hy. Stather & Martin Fahey have shooting matches today. We went to Red Bud. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up, but didn’t stay. Henry came up to get skim milk, but he couldn’t get any. It rained all day & nite. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rennecker came over _ this afternoon, we had played 3 games pinochle, 2 to 1. Bertille held 1500 trump in spades in one deal & papa held 1500 in spades in another deal.

Saturday, Oct. 29, 1932

We went to Waterloo to church this afternoon. We took 12 doz. eggs along to Connors got 24¢ doz., & went to Barthels garage & got a service battery. George Boll & Napier where going around again this morning selling pork, he didn’t stop here at all. Karl Boll’s are having a hallowe’n dance at there place tonite, we have no invitation. Uncle Fred & Henry’s have. There is a dance at Broad Hollow tonite, music furnished by Ill. Roamer’s String Band Chas. HIll of Waterloo has to play bass on Mr. Hill’s place, he is sick with a bad cold.

Friday, Oct. 28, 1932

A fellow around today selling fish, we didn’t buy any. Bertille got the mail, seen in the paper that Clara Schulmeister & Hy Gentsch Jr. where married since last Feb. 22, at Kentucky, & Bernice Maus & Louis Wahlaus where married last Sat, & left for a honey moon trip to Ottowa Ill. Henry & Floyd where here awhile, they where up at Belleville, & got coal, Floyd got a pair of shoes. The Meeting Democratic that was to be held at Kirsch School last Tues was posponed [sic] account of the rain, & will be held tonite. There is also a play at Red Bud given by the Legion.

Thursday, Oct. 27, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s. Uncle Fred Aunt Mary came here awhile, then they went down to Joe Gregson’s after some more chickens, white ones this time 1½ & 2 for us, 1 for Leona. This evening they came up again & brought Mr. Marshall along, he had business with them, what didn’t quite understand; about Wm. Harbaugh’s land, that fellows going around securing the right of way for the hard roads in St. Clair Co, what goes over to New Athens. Leona stepped in a nail went through her foot; she bathed it & put iodine & turpentine on it.

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1932

It is cool this morn, after the rain yesterday. Bertille went to the dentist this morn, got one finished & this afternoon got 3 more filled, & he cleaned them too, for $11.50. Septore from E. St. Louis stopped again & took 6 doz. eggs along, 25¢ doz. The Evangelical Ladies Aid are having a euchre at Kammler’s Hall this eve. We all went, 25¢ don. [donation] We went up to Mamie’s first & she went along over. Papa & Rosalia got prizes, a dish, & lemon squeezer, Papa had 5 points & Rosalia 7, Bertille 4 & Mamie had 4. It wasn’t a very large crowd at all. 11 tables in euchre, & about 25 bluey players. It started in to rain after we got home. Papa got Int. from Hempe.

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 1932

It is cloudy, & raining all day. Bertille went over to Rennecker’s got the papers. See in there Daily Advocate that Robert Groom Jr. & Mary Louis Sterling where married at Carlinville on July 31, it was kept a secret till now. Mr. Groom is going to a miner School in St. Louis, when he has finished that they will make there home with Mr. & Mrs. Bob Groom West A St. Belleville. It is also in the paper that Fr. Grootens has paroled 2 boy out of jail, Chas. Burke the first one he had here & Tackett both of Belleville, they held up a filling station.

Monday, Oct. 24, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went out Henry’s to get the mules. We washed, ironed. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped in a few minutes, they where down at Joe Gregson’s got some pullets 9¢ lb 7 she gave us some rose bushes to plant out. They rang over the lines this evening for a political meeting to be held at Kirsch School tomorrow nite, with free warm lunch, & for a euchre in Kammler’s Hall Wed. nite Adm. 25¢.

Sunday, Oct. 23, 1932

We went to Red Bud to church, took Mrs. Stauenfbiel along. They have euchre on Nov. 3, papa gave $1.00 for donation. Uncle Fred Aunt Mary & Miss Josie Keller & Miss Isabel Kuhn where all here for dinner & supper. We all went out to John Kaltwasser to gather some hickory nuts in his woods, but there wasn’t many there, about ½ bucket full; then from there we went over to Roy Stauenfbiels, but he say, there wasn’t any there either, Gus, was there, so they talked around awhile, then we stopped in at the church place, Frank Birkner & family came there to; the cemetery is plowed up again, the house is all stucco finished outside, & all hardwood floors up & down, plastered walls, new doors, furnace for the basement, the barn is all new boards all around it; everything fixed dandy. Henry & family came up this evening. This afternoon is Mission Rally at the Orphanage at Glen Addi, being Mission Sunday.

Saturday, Oct. 22, 1932

Papa got crushing done this morn. Mr. John Wiegard 30 & Mamie Kleber 21 are getting married today at Smithon [sic], with Fred & Dorthy as best, sister to the bride, & brother of the groom. They are having a dance at the Brick House, but we aren’t invited. George Boll & Ike Napier where going around selling hog meat today, we didn’t take any on account Henry butchering; he sold pork saussage [sic] & hams for 12½ & the rest for 10¢, so did Henry. Mrs. Stauenfbiel came over to see if she could ride down with us to Red Bud in the morning, she wants to go to church there.