Sunday, Oct. 14, 1934

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped awhile. A nice, beautiful day, are rather all week, was wonderful. We took a drive out in the country, visited at Glenn Addie, Orphanage, & Scottfield, some wonderful places. This evening we went out to Nic Helfrich’s, see him about coal hauling, then went to Uncle Fred’s, played pinochle. Uncle had 1500 trumps.

Sunday, Oct. 23, 1932

We went to Red Bud to church, took Mrs. Stauenfbiel along. They have euchre on Nov. 3, papa gave $1.00 for donation. Uncle Fred Aunt Mary & Miss Josie Keller & Miss Isabel Kuhn where all here for dinner & supper. We all went out to John Kaltwasser to gather some hickory nuts in his woods, but there wasn’t many there, about ½ bucket full; then from there we went over to Roy Stauenfbiels, but he say, there wasn’t any there either, Gus, was there, so they talked around awhile, then we stopped in at the church place, Frank Birkner & family came there to; the cemetery is plowed up again, the house is all stucco finished outside, & all hardwood floors up & down, plastered walls, new doors, furnace for the basement, the barn is all new boards all around it; everything fixed dandy. Henry & family came up this evening. This afternoon is Mission Rally at the Orphanage at Glen Addi, being Mission Sunday.

Tuesday, March 31, 1931

Papa is going out to Henry’s to help him haul logs.  He was there for dinner.  Mrs. Louise Birkner was here this morning & brought us a flower.  A man from St. Louis was here & wanted to see Papa.  We washed & ironed today.  There was a man here & wanted to sell Oriental Rugs, they were sailor boys, & had to go to the water again, & wanted to sell the rugs first.  Fr. Tuger of the St. Johns Orphanage at Belleville died & will be buried Wed. morning at Glen Addie.