Sunday, Jan. 31, 1932

We went to Red Bud church. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner & supper playing 5 hand pinochle. The St. Mary’s players from Belleville have a play in the school hall here tonite.

Saturday, Jan. 30, 1932

Slyvanus Schroeder is giving a free wedding dance at Dreamland Palace tonite. Papa got crushing done this morn.

Friday, Jan. 29, 1932

Vic Eichenseer was here & delivered some articles, flour etc. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Armstrutz where here this evening, playing 5 hand pinochle, Bertille had 1500 spade. The nurse was at the Paroachial  [sic] School & sent John Krehers, Nic Schaefers & Will Braun’s, children home because they had scarlet fever & also quarrantined [sic] them. Melburn Miller got pulled in for making whiskey & beer.

Thursday, Jan. 28, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary had dinner here. He went down to Red Bud to get medicine, is kind on a sick list. Then he went to Mike Armstutz’s. A Lady was here & wanted eggs. We sewed cabbage seed today. Mrs. Joe Wacthel & Angela Eichenseer where here & the little boy Delmar. The Freeburg banker Mr. Hamil shot himself this morn. at 7:45 the paper says, the bank was in good standing but there was lot of talk & that made it worse for him.

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1932

Uncle Fred brought Josie up to Hecker then we took her along to Belleville. We sold 23 doz. eggs for $3.72. The package from Chicago Mail Order came everything allright. The Social Club at Red Bud are having a party this evening.

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1932

Rained last nite. Today Aunt Mary is 55 yrs old. We went out right after dinner had supper there. Louie was down in the afternoon & we played 5 hand pinochle. About 5 o clock a big showrer [sic] or rain come up. Then later it cleaned of so nice, moon shined & stars. About 9 o’clock, George Parker’s kids & Schaefer’s & Pappenbergs kids all came, card playing pinochle & [ineligible] till 12. Cake & lemonade where served. Musci [sic] was played.

Monday, Jan. 25, 1932

Today is wash & iron & patching. Sewed all our aprons. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here this evening, they came after Josie, she was down at Ben Heyl’s today, we played 5 & 6 handed pinochle. Lester Gregson is moving to Hecker in Gambach’s house, he moved some today. Aunt Mary said Edwin Watchel’s windows where smashed in, but she don’t know what happened.

Sunday, Jan. 24, 1932

Went to Red Bud church. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner & supper. Josie Keller is spending today & tomorrow in Hecker visiting friends. Aunt Mary went to the mission service this afternoon. Henry & family where here this evening playing 5 hand pinochle. Bert Tomphson was here to look at our pigs. Leona said Eliza Freund & Kruse where published for first time this morn. & Pearl Geodell second & Slyvanus Schroeder last time.

Saturday, Jan. 23, 1932

Harbaugh the Moorman’s Mineral Feedman was here this afternoon. This afternoon was mission for the men yesterday for young people, & tomorrow for the women, & morn. & nights for all. It is getting colder again.

Friday, Jan. 22, 1932

Papa & Bertille went to Waterloo on business. It is another rainy day. Rosalia sewed herself a dress today.