Friday, February 28, 1930

Papa isn’t feeling well today.  It is awful cloudy, looks like it is going to rain.  Mr. Frey was here trying to sell brooder houses.  We found 29 eggs today.  Henry and family and Paul Neff were here tonite.

Thursday, February 27, 1930

Bertille was at church this morning.  There is to be quilting at Mrs. Eckert’s this afternoon.  Mr. Mehrman got stuck in George Wagner’s road and he had to get Vic Eichenseer to pull him out with their truck.  He had to serve as jury man in Belleville.  Joe Mueth in the prairie have a little son, they got him christened yesterday.  I don’t know what they named it.  Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseer’s & got .21¢ a dozen.  Henry came up this evening and brought his calfs up.  He came down here a little while.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came down here a little while before they went to Euchre.  Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred, Papa, Rosalia, & Bertille went to the Euchre and Old Time Dance in Kammler’s hall tonight.  The Herzog’s boy and girl played with both accordions.  Uncle Fred got a broom for a prize & Aunt Mary got a dish pan.  None of us got anything.  Bertille had 5 punches, Papa 4, and Rosalia 3.  The sixes took all the prizes.  They also had a slipper dance.  The ladies had to take their shoe off and throw them in a box and the boys had slips.  They had to pick one shoe and find the partner to that, then dance with that girl.  They had a square, broom, polka, barn dance and also some of the latest steps and tunes.  Uncle Fred played some of the old timers (tunes).  Found 23 eggs.

Wednesday, February 26, 1930

Bertille took 4 dozen eggs to Eichenseers & got .22¢ a dozen.  Ed Meng was here and looked at our building.  We found 19 eggs today.

Tuesday, February 25, 1930

We found 23 eggs today.  The euchre which was to be given by the Y.P.L. tonight was postponed on account of bad weather until further notice.  It rained all day, til about 4:30 then the sun came out.  Vic Eichenseer was here & got his tools.

Monday, February 24, 1930

We found 24 eggs today.  Mr. Wilson was here this afternoon trying to sell us the dixie feeds.  Edward Neff was here this evening & played pinochle with us.  Papa & Bertille got one out of six games.  Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseers this morning, got .23¢ a dozen.  We started building our brooder house today.  Bertille wrote a letter to the Eureka Hatchery to find out the price of W. Leghorns.  Mrs. Adam Braun wanted to buy some.  Mr. Adam Vogl’s daughter was buried today.  She died from diphtheria and flu.

Sunday, February 23, 1930

Papa went to first mass.  Rosalia and Bertille went to late mass.  In the afternoon we drove up to Eichenseer’s and got gas and air and took Mamie along, we went to Smithton, Douglas, Belleville, Millstadt, Darmstadt, Columbia, Waterloo, Red Bud & then back to Hecker.  Oh!  Wasn’t that some drive.  I say it was.  It took 2 hours.  We found 20 eggs today.

Saturday, February 22, 1930

We found 19 eggs today. We put our little baby chicks out in the chicken house.  We have 193 left from 250.  Victor Eichenseer was here this morning and put the brooder in the chicken house.  It is raining all day.  Today is Frieda Buchler and Martha Boll’s birthdays.  Rosalia took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseer’s this morning.  She got .23¢ a dozen.

Friday, February 21, 1930

Papa and Rosalia went out to Henry’s this afternoon, Henry is sawing wood.  Mr. Jeff Payne and Virginia Alterkruse were married Wednesday, way it states in the paper.  Albert Monike was surprised last Sat. evening, when a number of his friends gathered at this home to join in the celebration of the anniversary of his birthday.  He was 52 years old.  Among those present were: Nick Schaefer, Frances, Rosalia, Lorinda, Maggie, Clarasia, his daughters, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Birkner, Henry Volkman, Robert Probst, George & Clarence Rettinghouse, Jerome and Wilford Cortner, Robert Lippert, Raymond Ambruster, Ed Cortner, Ben Kuhn, August Frisch, Clarence Pabst, August Millman & Roy Kammeron.  The elderly persons played cards while the young folks enjoyed the evening dancing.  The bachelor’s band consisting of harp, accordion & organ furnished the music.  Mail Carrier Schmidt’s niece died at Red Bud of flu.  The store of late Henry Kocchel at Waterloo was sold to Mrs. Lulu Myers who is going to start business as soon as possible.  We found 17 eggs today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here this evening.

Thursday, February 20, 1930

We got our telephone connected today.  Papa, Steve Rheinecker, Elmer Kummer, & Victor Eichenseer set up the pole, & connected the wire.  There was a fire out at Uncle Adam’s today.  Emil was burning hedge and it started to run away.  He call the neighbors for help, but they didn’t answer.  So Papa & Odilla Eichenseer & Kenneth Kemp, Clem Parker, Lester Gregson went out, but the wind went down, so it didn’t take long they had it out.  Rosalia took 4 dozen eggs to Eichenseer’s this morning, she got .24¢.  We found 23 eggs today.

Wednesday, February 19, 1930

Papa went out in the woods today to make a telephone pole.  Papa had dinner at Henry’s today & this evening they brought him back on the wagon & they all had supper with us.  John Henkel rode along home with them.  We found 17 eggs.  Eggs are .24¢ a dozen. Mrs. Rhinecker was over a little while this evening.  Leona called up and said they was coming up here for supper.