Monday, Sept. 26, 1938

Bert [Bertille] washed, ironed, pretty warm again today. Pap took Whip to Probsts to get it repaired. Sausage was all sold out last nite. This afternoon the guys that destroyed the Vera’s property last Sun. nite; are called to Belleville to Justice of Peace office, 11 boys had to pay $100 for property damage. Emil came over awhile this eve. Klotz & Rheineckers went to Cleavelands eating watermelons.

Thursday, April 9, 1931

Uncle Adam bought a horse yesterday.  Papa & Rosalia is stretching wire this morn.  Miss Kate McDermott was here to see Papa.  She came up with the bus & then went back on it again.  She also came to see Jac. Neff’s.  Leona called up & said, that her mom, called out & said that Mrs. Geodelle her grandma die last night, & will be buried Sat. afternoon.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon, they lawned there grass on their place, & planted out flowers.  It started to rain this evening.  Eggs are 15¢ today.  Wm. Harbaugh got his land, stock, & everything praised [appraised] like the Brauns did too.  Aunt Mary & Bertille were over an looked at Mrs. Rheinecker’s garden she gave me some flowers, Catsus [catcus].

Wednesday, April 30, 1930

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here today for dinner and supper.   Uncle Fred and Papa worked on the building of the new school today.  Bertille was uptown this morning.  We started painting our chicken house today.  Mrs. Rheinecker was over and looked at our garden a little while this morning.  Mrs. Frank Birkner was over this afternoon to get some tomato plants that Aunt Mary brought up for her.  Aunt Mary & Rosalia, Bertille was over a little while this evening looked at her quilt that she’s got in the frame for Margaret Dudenhoeffer.  Bertille took 4 doz. eggs to the store, got .20¢ a dozen.  She got some cough syrup.  Bertille has an awful bad cough.  Some of the men were hauling the brick for the new school today from Red Bud.  The brick came from Chester and Murphysboro.  Today is Buddy Napiers birthday.  Dorothy called up here and wanted to know if Aunt Mary was up here.  We told her yes.  She invited them to come down there this evening to the dance.  But we are not invited for that.  Frank Birkner’s wife had lunch with us this afternoon.

Sunday, April 13, 1930

Today is Palm Sunday.  Bertille went to get palms.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Henry & family were here for dinner today.  This afternoon Papa went over by Steve Rheinecker for a little while.  In the evening Papa, Rosalia, Bertille, Aunt Mary went to church.  We found 26 eggs.

Friday, April 11, 1930

Papa, Rosalia went out to Henry’s this afternoon to get some setting eggs and some straw.  When they came back they went down to the Okaw bottom to get some shade trees.  We ate our first lettuce today.  There was telephone meeting last nite at Rheinecker.  Mrs. Rausch fell this morning and sprained her ankle and wrist the way we heard.  Bertille sold 5 dozen eggs, got .22¢.  Steve Rheinecker couldn’t get his machine started this morning to go to the Rock quarry so Vic Eichenseer had to take him down in the truck.  Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary came up.  Aunt Mary & Rosalia, Bertille went to church this evening.  We found 25 eggs.  We set 5 hens.  The days are sure beautiful but we ought to have rain.  There were 4 motorcycles went down and came back again tonight.

Sunday, April 6, 1930

Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Henry were all up for church this morning.  Then after church they all went home.  Henry Armstutz was here this afternoon.  Mrs. Rheinecker came over a little while this evening.  Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary came down here and then we went up to church in the evening.  After church, Rosalia & Bertille went in Kammler’s hall to hear the three Peters Brothers play from Germany.  Admission was .30¢.  We found 39 eggs today.

Monday, March 17, 1930

Bertille took 4 dozen eggs & got .22¢.  We planted 3 rows of potatoes today.  Mrs. Rheinecker got 4 dozen eggs from us this evening for her brother, Louis Dehn.  She gave us .22¢ a dozen.  Leona & Bobby & Floyd were here this morning.  The Bishop was to come to Hecker this evening on account of complains for school.  We found 26 eggs.

Saturday, March 8, 1930

Today August Blackburn’s birthday.  Bertille went up town this morning to get the mail.  Papa is settling posts & Steve Rheinecker came over by him a little while.  We found 23 eggs today.  Ed L. Parker was visited by a little stork the other day, a girl.

Friday, March 7, 1930

Rosalia went to church this morning.  It is still raining yet.  We found 32 eggs.  Mr. Ed Meng got Henry’s cows today.  Henry traded 2 cows for 2 mules and Meng to give $30.00 to boot.  Steve Rheinecker helped Meng get them.  Grover Cleveland is taking his first lessons on how to play violin.  His daddy bought him one.

Wednesday, March 5, 1930

Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went to church this morning to receive the ashes.  Tonite is lent service at 7:30.  We found 32 eggs today.  Mr. Tom Crowe & H.M. Hill were here.  Papa showed Mr. Crowe the house.  Papa got our summer sausage from Steve Rheinecker today.  He smoked it for us.  Henry & family & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here.  They all went to lent service.