Friday, January 31, 1930

Bertille was on sick list again.  Uncle Adam and Emil and Joe Meuth were visiting us today. Mr. Meuth wanted to buy straw.  We found 3 eggs today.

Thursday, January 30, 1930

There is going to be quilting in the church basement this afternoon.  Mr. Hart the corono feed instructor was here this morning explaining the corono laying mash and grains.  Bertille was over at Rheineckers and called out to Henry’s.  Papa, Rosalia was in Waterloo this afternoon and they got 50 chicks from the Heyls Hatchery for .13¢ a piece.  Bertille was out at Henry’s.  Philip Braun and Mr. Hart the corono feed men were out there to.  Henry ordered 6 sack of starting mash and we ordered 7 sacks of starting mash.  Philip Braun puled Henry’s machine to the garage this evening, the motor was busted to pieces.  We didn’t find no egg today.  Wheat price today is $1.14.  Papa took 4 sack along in.

Wednesday, January 29, 1930

Arthur Frien from Smithton was here this afternoon.  We have a sick hen.  The Catholics are going to have a Euchre to-nite.  Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went to the Euchre.  Papa and Rosalia each got a prize.  Papa got a dish and Rosalia got a box of handkerchiefs.  Aunt Mary & Uncle Fred were here till it was time to go to the euchre.  Aunt Mary got a centerpiece for a prize.  John Kammler’s butchered at George Wagner’s today.  We found 2 eggs.

Tuesday, January 28, 1930

Today it is beautiful.  We found 1 egg.  Rosalia was up town with the machine and got 100 lbs. oyster shells for the chickens.  John Kammlers from Belleville are visiting at George Wagners this evening.

Monday, January 27, 1930

It is a nice day.  We found 1 egg.  Oliver Kuhns & Henry Braun brought a load of coal this afternoon.  Louis Petri and Herman Wheitkamp from Waterloo were here and looked after the furnace.

Sunday, January 26, 1930

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry and family were here for dinner.  After dinner Papa, Rosalia, and Bertille went out to Aunt Mary’s and had supper there.  Today is Aunt Mary’s birthday.  Those present in the evening were Christ Buehler and family, Oscar Birkner’s family, Adam Eckerts family, George Parker’s family, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Birkner, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Birkner, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brand and family, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Birkner.  The evening was spent in dancing and playing cards.  Lemonade and cake were served.  We came home at 11 o’clock.

Saturday, January 25, 1930

Papa went to Red Bud to Frank Peter’s sale this afternoon.  Mrs. Henry Jacehel got buried today.  We found 1 egg.  Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went to Uncle Fred and Mary’s this evening.

Friday, January 24, 1930

Papa and Henry were hauling oats from Pabst place to Henry’s.  Aunt Mary called up today.  Rosalia had to go over to Rheinecker’s to answer.  Rosalia found 1 egg.  Emil bought some oats this morning.  The weather is nice and warm today.

Thursday, January 23, 1930

Papa and Rosalia went to Waterloo this morning.  Bertille went out to Henry’s.  We all had dinner out there.  Bertille got her shoes fixed in Waterloo.  They took wheat along too.  The price is $1.05.  Emil was here a little while this afternoon.  Rosalia found 2 eggs today.

Wednesday, January 22, 1930

Rosalia washed, baked bread and coffee cake.  Bertille was on the sick list this morning but at this writing is pretty fair.  Papa & Rosalia were out at Henry’s twice today to get corn wheat.  Mr. Philip Braun was here tonight to get something on the pump.  We found one egg today.  Bertille baked a cake today.  Bertille ironed today.