Monday, March 10, 1930

Papa went to New Athens this morning to see the Lumber Co.  Bertille wrote a letter to the Eureka Hatchery that we want 400 little chicks by the 24 of March.  Bertille took 6 dozen eggs to Eichenseers this morning.  She got .21¢ a dozen.  We found 27 eggs.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here a little while this evening.  Then afterwards we all went up to Uncle Adams.  Today is John Henkel’s birthday, we were up at Uncle Adam’s last year on the same day.  Uncle Adam isn’t feeling very good.

Monday, March 3, 1930

Papa & Rosalia went to Belleville to the Eureka Hatchery to pay the chickens off for another week because it is too cold yet for little chicks.  Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseers, got .21¢ a dozen.  Mr. John Wiegand & Miss Edna Jatho got married last Saturday, the way the people said.  Haven’t seen it in the papers yet.  Their licenses were in there.  He is 27 years old & she is 22 years old.  Mr. & Mrs. Mehrmam are at George Wagner’s today.  Papa & Rosalia brought Floyd a pair of rompers, and Bobby a pair of overalls along from Belleville for their birthdays.  We found 28 eggs today.  Willie Braun was here & got 3 bushes of sweet clover for $5.50 a bush.  Papa went out to sow sweet clover after supper.

Monday, February 24, 1930

We found 24 eggs today.  Mr. Wilson was here this afternoon trying to sell us the dixie feeds.  Edward Neff was here this evening & played pinochle with us.  Papa & Bertille got one out of six games.  Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseers this morning, got .23¢ a dozen.  We started building our brooder house today.  Bertille wrote a letter to the Eureka Hatchery to find out the price of W. Leghorns.  Mrs. Adam Braun wanted to buy some.  Mr. Adam Vogl’s daughter was buried today.  She died from diphtheria and flu.

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