Saturday, Feb. 6, 1937

Baked & cleaned. Pap went up town to the barber. We drove as far as Barthels Garage, & went along with Leo & Rose to Belleville, got there pictures 13 in all one big one free, & painted also. Sure beautiful day, warm. Read papers & listened to radio.

Wednesday, Dec. 21, 1932

We fried 3 gal. bacon in today, shelled corn, baked bread & coffee cake. Philip Braun came this morning while we were eating breakfast, he came to tell us to come up there to church tomorrow evening they will have a new priest Rev. Adyt he come from Goddmill, there is going to be benidiction [sic] & then they go over to the school hall & have a reception, lunch, & a program & present the priest with a little Christmas gift. There we wants to meet all his parishoners [sic]. Rev. Hoff of Belleville is doing all this. Fr. Grootens is in Wisconsin now, he says. A man from E. St. Louis Stolze was here wanted to get eggs, but we had none to sell to him. Papa was at Barthel’s got the Chev. batteries.

Saturday, Dec. 17, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & Rosalia & Bertille went along to Belleville. We got a pretty wall pocket calandar [sic] from Barthel’s Garagge [sic]. There where so many people in the streets at Belleville today.

Thursday, Nov. 10, 1932

Papa took the Whippet to Barthels, to get it fixed this morning, but he had no batteries. He went out to the woods this afternoon, & stopped at Henry’s & took his pigs along home. Ralph Rausch was here selling or taking orders for Sunday paper, 10¢. Roosevelt picture & history will be in Sun. Henry Kammler is having a Armistice Dance tonite, Adm. 35, music by Billy Schmidt Orcestra [sic] from Belleville, but I don’t think it was a very big crowd present.

Thursday, Nov. 3, 1932

We planted our trees out this morning. Papa went to Barthel’s & got the Chev., oil & greased. Bertille went up to Eichenseer’s, Mamie is going along with us to Red Bud to the euchre, tonite, Rosalia had 11 points got dresser scarf, papa had 7 points, but didn’t get anything & Bertille had 3 points Mamie had 5. They had nice prizes & lot of them, they also played 500 & lotto. The preist [sic] is having a free dance tonite or card, games, all free, in the School Hall. Ed. Pabst brought a load of corn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon.

Saturday, Oct. 29, 1932

We went to Waterloo to church this afternoon. We took 12 doz. eggs along to Connors got 24¢ doz., & went to Barthels garage & got a service battery. George Boll & Napier where going around again this morning selling pork, he didn’t stop here at all. Karl Boll’s are having a hallowe’n dance at there place tonite, we have no invitation. Uncle Fred & Henry’s have. There is a dance at Broad Hollow tonite, music furnished by Ill. Roamer’s String Band Chas. HIll of Waterloo has to play bass on Mr. Hill’s place, he is sick with a bad cold.

Sunday, June 19, 1932

The News Democrat Staff have a basket pinic [sic] at Daab’s Clubhouse today. We went to Red Bud. It started in to rain this morning but not very much. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here awhile. Papa & Rosalia went to Barthel’s got the car, $8.75 repair. This evening we drove out to Uncle Fred’s past the cemetery, had supper there. Many people are cutting wheat today. It rained in the night & got windy. Phil Braun was here & collected $22.98 for house Ins.

Saturday, June 18, 1932

Papa went to Belleville this morning. Rosalia is on the sick list yesterday & today, so many people are now. Mrs. George Boll. Mr. Rettinghouse had a stroke the other day while coming home from carrying lunch, right in the yard it happened. Two connecting rods burned out in the chev. so papa left it at Barthel’s garage to get it fixed, he brought papa home. It was so hot today 95 in the shade & the oats bugs so bad. We took a drive up to Smithon [sic] & got a barrel that papa bought at Bernius sale. Ross is living on the place now, he bought it for $8.50. We stopped at Barthel’s, but the car wasn’t finished yet, we also stopped at George Burnius [? – is crossed out] to see wether [sic] he had the key. George Wagner’s family came over awhile, we had lemonade, he is shocking wheat for Chas. Wagner this year. Today is Ignatz Neff’s birthday, the Birkner bunch went, had beer, cake, wieners.

Thursday, April 21, 1932

It rained this morning. We waxed our dining room floor. Papa took the Whippet to Barthels Garage & got repairs on it. Joe Gregson & Lee where here & looked at the colts again. We planted some tomatoe [sic] plants out this morning. Papa & Rosalia shoe came, & everything is alright. Mrs. Rennecker & the teacher went to Red Bud this evening.

Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1931

Papa was up town, it rained last night. We washed, ironed, patched. Papa went up to Barthel’s this afternoon with the Whippet, got clycerine [sic – glycerine] put in the radiator. Today is Holiday in big cities. Fred Kern was buried at 3:30 this afternoon. Tonight is a dance in Weber’s barn given by Bill Herzog, also a dance in Smithon [sic] & a birthday dance at Brezzy [sic] Hill. This morning at 10 ‘oclock, Miss Jenny Kemp had a heart stroke & died. She had fell some time ago & broke her rib, & was taken to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital at Belleville about 1 mo. ago where there she died now.