Thursday, Dec. 20, 1934

Cleaned front room. Rose baked oatmeal cookies. Henry & Leona went to Belleville left Billy [Willis] here. Eggs 24¢ here. Mr. Eugene Metzger 34 of Floraville shot & killed himself at the home of his sister Mrs. Freida Gerhard, 2 miles south of Floraville; funeral to be held Sat. afternoon, from Millstadt chapel to Floraville Cemetery; he wasn’t married, was sickly & unemployed in St. Louis for 2 yrs. The streets are awful icey [sic] at present; cars pass with chains, several big trucks were stuck up at Belleville Henry had said. Hecker people were shopping there today, Weigands, Klotz’s, Watchels, Lauts etc. The children of the Catholic School is having there Christmas program tonight at the hall, everybody invited Adm. 10¢. Mr. George Hepp celebrated his 101 yr. birthday last Friday, but is confined to his bed, suffering from a stroke recently. Mr. Henry Kessler left for Birmingham Ala. were he will spent Christmas with his sons there. The paper says more snow. & 20 degrees tonight.

Thursday, Dec. 13, 1934

We cleaned chicken house; put in clean straw. Hy Meng got 2 hogs, 234 & 147 lbs. We went to Belleville sold 12 doz. eggs 35¢ doz; did Christmas shopping; nice day again. A ambulance went through here at 8 o clock this evening. Papa got a new battery put in the Whippet yesterday for $5.00 from Probst. Wagners telephone didn’t work, this morning, so Clara came over here & talked.

Friday, December 1, 1933

Nice day, warm. Henry & family & Mrs. Cleveland, came left Willis here, they went to Bellville [sic], bought for Christmas. Mr. Louis Whiel was here, to see dad, about the corn, on Reheis’s farm, the 1/3 of Papenberg’s, papa can get it for 25¢ In. & pay for weighing. Wagner & Herman funeral home, in the Crowe Building was opened up, Sat. & Sun. for visitors. They have remodeled thing’s, builded, some to it. Miss Lucille McCarthy has sprained her ankle, & is now confined to her home at present. Found 14 eggs today.

Saturday, Dec. 17, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & Rosalia & Bertille went along to Belleville. We got a pretty wall pocket calandar [sic] from Barthel’s Garagge [sic]. There where so many people in the streets at Belleville today.

Thursday, Dec. 8, 1932

We went to late mass at Red Bud. Henry & Leona & Floyd stopped in on there way to Belleville & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & Rosalia & Bertille went along in with them, lot of Hecker & Paderborn people there today; buying Christmas toys such like. We killed a mouse in the wood box this eve. Adam Eckert’s birthday is today. It is awful cold out tonite.

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