Wednesday, June 10, 1931

We sure did have some rain last night.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here for lunch this afternoon then her, & Bertille went over to Ed. Meng’s, took them some flower, & brought some of there’s back.  Mrs. Rennecker canned 41 qts. of cherries, she still has a few on the tree yet.  Papa is setting posts today.  Jac. Helfrich & his wife where injured in an automobile accident in Belleville the other day.  Mr. Laut & Stuart where talking to Papa in the field this afternoon, Mr. Hill & Meng also.  Mr. Klinkhardt from St. Louis is out visiting in Hecker by Mrs. Pour.  Mr. Hill & him & others where playing pinoche at Griffins this morning & this afternoon.  Her is leaving with bus this evening.

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