Saturday, April 2, 1938

Cold with frost. 34 this morn. Bert [Bertille] made fire in furnace again. Horn’s household goods to be sold at public auction this afternoon the house & lots were sold to Ted Eichenseer $400. last week. Mrs. Hy. Rehling of Waterloo has sale also this afternoon & Ross in Smithton to. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came Bert went along to Smithton to sale but it was nothing, mostly implements etc; then we went to Rehling’s by 2 1/2 mile west of Foster Pond; A. [Aunt] Mary bought box shallot onions for 5 [cents], had so much things to sell. Bert [Bertille] took 10 doz. eggs to town, got 14 [cents]. Mrs. Joe Griffin passed away this afternoon, she has just been home from the hospital about week, but was feeling well; died suddenly this afternoon. It is to be pretty cold tonite, with a killing frost; lowest to be 30.

Friday, April 8, 1932

It is colder this morning. Papa went out & got a load of posts & went also to see Roy Stauenfbiel. Uncle Fred helped him to finished setting posts, they was here for dinner, then they went home. Roy Stauenfbiel came here again & said he guessed he couldn’t make it for the colts. Mr. Hugo Ross was here wanted to buy chickens, but we don’t sell any, he also sells suits samples he showed them all to us. The same fellow that was around last Friday to sell fish was here again, we sent him off to Hill, he brought 2 that all he had left. Chas. Jung egg man from Red Bud stopped & bought setting eggs 25ยข.

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