Thursday, April 7, 1932

It rained this morning & turned colder. Papa took 24 doz. eggs to the store & got 9¢, this afternoon he went out to Henry’s & got a load of posts. Roy Stauenfbiel was here & looked at our colts & pigs, but thought it was to much money for him to buy. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up again this afternoon. He helped papa set posts, they where here for lunch, supper. He also brought the check here what Fr. Grootens gave him $20 or $19.23 for he paid Anna Brauns tax, papa had paid it for his house here in town, so now he paid her tax & Uncle Fred had to return the tax receipt. This evening we all went over to Uncle Fred house accross [sic] the street & had a card game, they invited Hy. Armstutz & H.M. Hill, so they played 6 handed. Hy. had one time 1500 trump, & Papa & Uncle Fred bot had it the same time one 1500 spades & the other 1500 hearts, the bid was 2295, Uncle Fred got it, & made it too, they stayed in Hecker all night.

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1932

We went to Belleville with the eggs & some meat sold all the eggs 18 doz. for 20¢. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here, he paid his tax to Griffin. Aunt Mary & Rosalia where over at Wagner’s awhile. Fr. Sonnen the Paderborn priest died. We got some boxes at Belleville this morn. one for Uncle Fred, the other one for us to smoke our summer sausage in. Henry & family & we went all was at Aunt Mary’s, playing cards. Rosalia had 150 trump in spades. Just like spring.

Monday, April 27, 1931

We all went out to Uncle Fred’s today, we where there for dinner.  Papa went to Waterloo to pay his tax.  We helped Aunt Mary wash & Rosalia sewed Bertille’s dress.  This afternoon then we all went to the cemetery & cleaned that, then came home, Fr. Grootens & Frank just came there when we left.  Celestine Neff was here & wanted to sell us thicket [ticket] for 35¢ adm. to go to there play on May 5.  We didn’t buy any.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came this evening, him & Papa went to Red Bud, he got some iron barrels.  Aunt Mary & Bertille went up the store this eve. a little while, eggs are 12¢ today.