Wednesday, Dec. 28, 1932

It is a nice day again. Steve Rennecker went butchering at Al. Heyl’s. Bertille isn’t feeling well today. Aunt Mary called up to see how we all where; there all about the same yet. Clarence Wittenauer had a general call put over the lines that he had lost a dog. This evening he called into Sheriff Al Gauen, what he should do, because he knew the party was has his dog, he wanted to know wether [sic] it should notify him or just go & get it there. Papa & Rosalia shelled corn this afternoon & killed 25 mice.

Sunday, Dec. 4, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here a little while this morning, they had a different priest here in Hecker, this morn. Fr. Grooten’s is sick, they say. Mr. Ralph Ettling was here this afternoon & paid of $175.00 part interest $25.50 still due. He told us they had the Sheriff out to Wuertz’s to get there dog, they had pined up in the house, sheriff got there dog for them, he went in the house & got it, at night time. The Wuertz’s boy’s jumped on Buddy & the old lady ordered them of the place, Henkel & Buddy, so they left & got the sheriff, to get them dog. Louis Armstutz was here awhile. We went out to Cleveland’s this evening played 6 hand pinochle, Mr. Cleveland & Rosalia & Bertille partners & the other 3 partners, played 4 games, wine & cake, popcorn where served. That solo set out there where at Papenberg’s last night they said.

Sunday, April 26, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry & family where all here for dinner.  Philip & Bill where here for lunch.  In the evening they came back & we went down to the Brick House,  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went there too.  Bill Herzog furnished musci, [sic] they had a pretty fair crowd.  They charged the gents 25¢ ladies free.  The Red Bud Dramitic [sic] Club came to Hecker to the new school hall & gave a play to-night.  There was a terrible accident in Hecker, this evening, there was a car came from the west & didn’t make no stop, & Eugene Bruns was going by & then smashed together, nobody was hurt but the cars where both damaged.  The stranger car was a man from Belleville & one from Chester, they where intoxicated.  The Sheriff was called & he arrested them took them to Waterloo to jail & the way they said they would have to pay $100 fined & 10 day in jail.  I don’t know who is right, we heard now again that the boy’s where uncosinence [unconscious].

Thursday, April 2, 1931

We all went to church this morning.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for breakfast, dinner & supper.  Aunt Mary, Rosalia, Bertille went to church this afternoon for 1/2 hr.  Uncle Fred went home & come back again for supper.  Papa went to Waterloo today, & from there, too Caldwell’s farm.  There were school kids here pretty near every half hr. today, selling chances on bedspread, quilt, lumber jacket for 5¢.  We took 3 chances.  This evening Henry’s family were all up.  We all went to church.  Uncle Fred took care of the kids.  We heard today that Harry Stiffler was runned away from Gambach’s Store.  The Scheriff [sic.] was out, & also Bollinger the other day.  Henry was up here this morning & got a load of corn fodder.  This evening they took 17 doz. eggs along home to set the incubator again, they got about 125 from the last hatch.  Bertille took 1 setting down to Lizzie Boll’s this evening, got 20¢ for them.  Eggs are 16¢ a doz.

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