Saturday, Feb. 28, 1931

Hy. Armstutz was here & wanted Papa to sew clover seed, so it went down to the field & sow it.  This afternoon he went to Mrs. Bersche’s sale at Waterloo.  Bertille got up this afternoon for the first time for almost a week.  Rosalia is setting out onion sets today.  Papa planted 150 cabbage plants from Mrs. Johnny Kreher because neither one of us were able too at the time.  Our little chicks are doing wonderful now.  Elmer Rittemeyer also got his leg broken, the other day, when Adolph called he jumped out & broke his leg.  Adolph must be in a terrible condition the way they say.  Papa bought a few articles at Bersche’s sale this afternoon.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to a sale in Belleville, they bought a iron bed & a few other articles.  This evening Papa & Uncle Fred went in to get it with our truck. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for supper.

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