Tuesday, Jan. 18, 1938

Emil & Bert Thompson came after the hogs, 2 – Emil took our truck; they weighed 217 – 239. @ $8.65 top price today. Pap went out in woods this morn; Bert [Bertille] stayed at Henry’s, they finished working on telephone lines this morn; we had dinner there & butchered this afternoon, got home about 4:45. Started in sleeting & raining. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary were up, got a few things from store. Leo & Rose [Rosalia] came down, we played cards. They brought 15 doz. eggs.

Monday, Aug. 7, 1933

We all went out to Henry’s, & papa went back home, we washed, ironed. Mrs. Cleveland came awhile in the afternoon. It rained a little. Henry brought me home as far as Kemp’s, couldn’t get through the hills no more so I called up home from there & papa got me & Rob. Papa helped Uncle Fred put on a new roof on chicken house, he had lunch, dinner, & lunch, I & Rob, had lunch there. We went to Red Bud took 4 chickens, 12 lbs. & a cake along for the church pinic [sic] tomorrow. Jung stopped got our eggs 10 ¢ doz. Mr. Hill & Spalt & Willie Geodell where all here on business. Spalt to see about telephone lines.

Friday, Feb. 24, 1933

Line’s 12’s members are all online 2 now, so they are all out working, setting posts. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s, papa is going to use Henry’s horses & wagon & haul wood together. Rosalia is coming back home again. We took dinner up in the woods to papa, got 9 loads wood hauled up, then Henry came up there for the team to get posts out for the line; so he had to quite [sic – quit]; we took a load of fire wood along home, stopped at Henry’s a little while then went home. Papa hauled cinders from back Henry’s sheds, hauled them in our road. Bertille got the mail, there was a letter there from J. Keller for Aunt Mary, I called her up, & she said for me to open it; the letter was mailed last Fri & was in Hecker on Sat., but no body got there mail till today, she had written that she would try & come out Tues. or Wed. but she didn’t show up those day, anyway’s nobody seen anything of her. Renneckers & Wagners went to Lauts tonite. Mr. Ed. Pabst brought a load of corn this afternoon.

Saturday, Jan. 28, 1933

Papa got crushing done this morning. Geo. Boll was here to sell saussage [sic], we didn’t take nothing. Papa talked with Phil Wuertz, he went past with 3 wheel wagon, broke one wheel of [sic]. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henrys, to get some milk, they took one little pig along out for the boys to take cake of. We have to feed the other two here, in a box by the chicken house, the old sow is sick won’t eat nothing. Line 18 & 7 are tangled together today, & lines 12 & 2 are going to have meeting at the school house to nite. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for supper, they came here from Christ Buehler’s, he is pretty sick, they way they said, so pale.

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 1932

Hy. Armstutz was here. Ed Scheinder finished sowing wheat up here this morn. Papa went out & cleared a road in the woods to haul grovel out. Bertille went to the dentist. Mrs. Rennecker came over awhile. Those fellows that work on the telephone lines came here, on business. We sold 7 doz. eggs 25¢ to strangers from E. St. Louis, they stopped in. Today is Ralph Rausch birthday 21 yrs. old, Henry is surprising him tonite with a dance at Harry’s. Henry Rausch invited papa & us. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came then we all went up to the dance, nice crowds, all different kinds of musci [sic], Ill. Roamer, Karl Boll, Wm. Hy Birkner, beer & cake where served, one cake with 21 candles burning. Joe Hilpert & John Beshtolff of Belleville came here awhile before we went to the dance, they stay here by the priest, are carpeting out on the church place, they are putting new boards around the barn.

Sunday, July 24, 1932

We went to Red Bud, but the Chev. didn’t work so we took the Whippet & pulled the Chev. home when we came back. Joe Mueth was here on business to talk to papa, about the telephone lines. Henry was here this morning, he came up to get some whey & came down here. Martin May & daughter Rau & Ed McDermott & girlfriend Beal [?] Friel of St. Louis where stop to say “Hello” they where on there way home from Hecker. Mr. Cox an egg man got 15 doz eggs from us today for 12½¢. Miss Josie Keller & Miss Isabel McKuen of St. Louis stopped & “Hello” on there way back, they came out to the pinic [sic] of St. Mark’s church at Round Prairie, had there chicken supper there. We all had lunch at Aunt Mary’s this afternoon. George Wagner & family came over a little this morn. & look at car.

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