Wednesday, Oct. 19, 1932

Hy. Armstutz was here. Ed Scheinder finished sowing wheat up here this morn. Papa went out & cleared a road in the woods to haul grovel out. Bertille went to the dentist. Mrs. Rennecker came over awhile. Those fellows that work on the telephone lines came here, on business. We sold 7 doz. eggs 25¢ to strangers from E. St. Louis, they stopped in. Today is Ralph Rausch birthday 21 yrs. old, Henry is surprising him tonite with a dance at Harry’s. Henry Rausch invited papa & us. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came then we all went up to the dance, nice crowds, all different kinds of musci [sic], Ill. Roamer, Karl Boll, Wm. Hy Birkner, beer & cake where served, one cake with 21 candles burning. Joe Hilpert & John Beshtolff of Belleville came here awhile before we went to the dance, they stay here by the priest, are carpeting out on the church place, they are putting new boards around the barn.

Friday, Oct. 7, 1932

Henry & Floyd brought a load of corn & got whey. Uncle Fred & Aung Mary where up, planted out flowers. Papa loaded a hog & took it out to Henry’s, he traded with him, Henry got 2 hogs & papa got 8 small pigs. We sold 6 doz. eggs @ 25¢ & 5½ lb. hen, @ 12 ¢, to a egg man. An alarm ring went, said that a truck load of apples selling at 75¢ bu. was coming to the square this afternoon & one that Fred Weber is going to have a barn dance musci [sic], by Ill. Roamers. I seen in the paper that John Cordy of Tiptown is sporting a new Chev, coach, traded his plymouth. Mr. Rippleymier from Waterloo was here & looked at our cow & calf, he bought it, gave papa $40.00 for both, coming to get it tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, Sept. 24, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed at Hecker all nite, they brought the soup here & we all had dinner, then they left for home. Mr. Ed. Meng was here awhile. Emil Merhmans have a little baby girl since last week, Mary Louis, they are going to call it, they have 2 girls. Louis Petri Jr. is giving a free birthday dance tonite at Charfin Bridge, there are dances all over, Irene Reheis band is having one at Daab’s Club House at Smithon [sic],  Weber Barn, musci [sic] by Ill. Roamer’s. Rod & Gun Club. Clarence Rausch had a birthday celebration last nite at Weber’s Barn. Papa got crushing done this morning, George Schilling went to Olkalohoma [sic – Oklahoma], & Roy Staunfbiel is on the sick list with a cold.

Friday, Aug. 12, 1932

Chas. Jung our egg man was here, but we didn’t sell him any eggs. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s took the wagon home & bought some oats along home & caught in the rain, & heavy. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch, they where up all afternoon, & for Phil Braun’s floor dance, free & barn also, musci [sic] to be furnished by Ill. Roamers & Jeff Bill. Refreshments of fish & soda & ice cream will be served; rang over the lines everbody [sic] welcome. But we ain’t going. We went to Freeburg & got a roll of wire from Classen. It rained again this evening.

Saturday, May 21, 1932

We have 10 hens hatching that is the last now. Tonite Harry Kammler’s have a dance, musci [sic] furnished by Ill. Roamers, & Bill Sensel has one barn, by Ripplemixer band from Valmeyer. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where there, it was pretty good crowd, but the floor was so rough. Papa went to Waterloo. Roman Schwartz was here & looked at the colts. We sure had a nice rain this afternoon, but it wasn’t enough.

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