Monday, Nov. 14, 1932

We washed, ironed, it is awful windy. Louis Schoenborn is getting buried this morn. Tecklenburg got 5 doz. egg @ 29¢. Henry & Floyd where up he got whey. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here awhile paid for there hogs 616 lbs. 2 of them @ 4¢. $24.64, from here they went to Louis Birkner’s birthday, he is 66 yrs old today. The Birkner bunch where all at Oscar’s today, fence fixing frolic. Bertille send a Thanksgiving card to Josie Keller & invited her out for Uncle Fred’s birthday.

Friday, Oct. 7, 1932

Henry & Floyd brought a load of corn & got whey. Uncle Fred & Aung Mary where up, planted out flowers. Papa loaded a hog & took it out to Henry’s, he traded with him, Henry got 2 hogs & papa got 8 small pigs. We sold 6 doz. eggs @ 25¢ & 5½ lb. hen, @ 12 ¢, to a egg man. An alarm ring went, said that a truck load of apples selling at 75¢ bu. was coming to the square this afternoon & one that Fred Weber is going to have a barn dance musci [sic], by Ill. Roamers. I seen in the paper that John Cordy of Tiptown is sporting a new Chev, coach, traded his plymouth. Mr. Rippleymier from Waterloo was here & looked at our cow & calf, he bought it, gave papa $40.00 for both, coming to get it tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here, then went to Sparta Fair. Mrs. Griffin is awful sick, they took her to the Belleville hospital Sun. morning. Angela Eichenseer got operated on a growth in her nose. Papa & Rosalia went out in the woods & made a few posts. Chas. Jung egg man was here, he say he’ll take all our spring chick tomorrow morning. Henry & family where up this evening, he brought 4 barrels up to the whey place.

Monday, Sept. 26, 1932

It is cloudy, we didn’t wash. We cleaned truck patch this afternoon. Mr. Jatho was here to see wether [sic] he could put that sugar cane pressing on our ground, then he wouldn’t have to throw it on his potatoe [sic] patch. Mr. Will Voges was here wanted to see Uncle Fred. Geo. Purtle’s was here to see about hogs this afternoon, but we weren’t here at the time. Mrs. Rennecker came over & told us about it, he is going to call up this evening. Henry & Floyd where up, he took a load of sugar cane & got whey. It made 60 lbs. they put it through right away.

Monday, Sept. 19, 1932

Mr. Willie Ganley was here this morning, but papa was at the molasses factory, so he walked down there. Mr. Chas. Fleckestine passed away Sat. & will be buried this afternoon, leaving the house at 2 o’clock, then to the cemetery,  Hecker, with services at the home. We cleaned the chicken house put straw, in the nests. We shocked & cut our corn all this morn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening, they brought potatoes for Braun’s, they stayed a little while. George Boll came & looked at our cow & calf, he has one he might trade. Henry & family where up got whey & tomatoes. Mrs. Kock invited her, & all of us to come to Coxeyville to her birthday dance Oct. 6.

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1932

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Spalt of Pine Lawn have a little baby girl born Aug. 31. Papa went down to Hy. Armstutz, to haul out crushed corn. Henry was up & got 4 barrels of whey. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & then went to Robert Lauts, Victoria Schaefer is there; she called out there to them & told them to come. Herman Pinkel of Waterloo died & was buried today.

Monday, Sept. 12, 1932

We washed, ironed, made butter & cheese. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where at Waterloo & from there to Belleville & then up here, we ate lunch with them, liver sausage, then they went home; for Frank Birkner’s birthday tonite. Setel the butcher from Smithon [sic] was here & looked at our annimals [sic], but didn’t want any. We picked a bu. tomatoes for Leona this eve. Henry & Dan Geodelle came & got the whey.

Wednesday, Sept. 7, 1932

Miss Bell is 63 yrs. old today. Jung the egg man was here & got 39 doz. eggs at 15¢. Papa cut corn on Uncle Fred’s place, & then he got some whey, 2 barrels for Henry. We are cooking catsup, canning some 4 qts, & 7 qts & 4 pints saurkraut [sic]. We have the cans all filled now. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s to cut corn there. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up again this afternoon. Shcinder is plowing here. Jung was here & cashed his check.

Monday, Sept. 5, 1932

Today is Labor Day. Firemen Pinic [sic] at Red Bud & pinic [sic] at Tiptown. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up then we went to Red Bud, seen the parade, it was nice, then we went out to St. Joe to see Mr. Michael to make a trade with him our 2 horses & his mule, cow & calf, so tomorrow I guess he brings it as far as Henry’s. From there we went to Tiptown pinic [sic], met a few people there, had sandwich there. They [caught] Peter Carr & arrested him took him to Waterloo for selling booze on the grounds, he isn’t right, is out of his mind; he claimed the Reed’s where selling it, not him, Cody & May gave him a hit on the nose, his ears where bleeding nose & mouth, he looked a sight. Then we came back & spent the rest of the time in Red Bud pinic [sic], then came home & ate watermellons. Henry was up at noon & got whey for himself & a can for us, couldn’t get none all long.

Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1932

Papa is hauling wood again today. Bertille went along out to Henry’s a little while. Louis Lenhardt girl Ester, 25 yr. old died Sun. from T.B. & will be buried this afternoon at 2 o clock at Waterloo. Papa & Henry where both up to get whey, but neither could get any, they aren’t marking no casein today. They had to have the milk for ice cream. Papa & Rosalia took the mule out to Henry’s. Bertille went up to Eichenseer’s corner. They said up there that Edna Wacthel was going to Waterloo Catholic School this year. Mr. Jung was here & got 20 doz. eggs, 15¢. We went over to George Wagners a little while this evening.