Saturday, Nov. 13, 1937

Pap got crushing done. He went to Grosomann’s sale by Smithton & Bert [Bertille] went along with Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary to a sale at Belleville, mostly old & antique things; bought some fresh liver saussage [sic] from Schwaegels; sure is good 23¢ lb. Leo & Rose [Rosalia] came down, played, 2 games pinochle; popcorn etc.

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1935

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, got there liver sausage & kettle grease; had lunch, we washed, ironed, rendered lard got 3 gals. Papa went in woods. The Y.P.L. has a euchre & dance in Kammler’s Hall tonite. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, then Ros & Bert went along up to the euchre. Uncle was the lucky one, he got prize, a flower vase, had 7 points, we had 6, played 12 games; then danced but Moonlight Orch; the prizes weren’t so nice, pretty nice crowd; Mrs. Milton Wagner won attendance prize. There is also euchre & dance at Paderborn.

Saturday, Oct. 6, 1934

Papa went down to Buehler’s got crushing done. They didn’t crush in Hecker. Clara Wagner came. Rosalia set her hair for tonite, Edwin’s wife birthday dance at Floraville. Leona brought Berti home, she went to Waterloo. We all went to Waterloo, took lard to Schulmiester 10¢ lb., then went to Columbia bought some things at Weilbacher’s cheap sale; talked to Chas. Kern about farm implements; went to see Jac Mavers, then to Red Bud home, bought liver sausage 17¢ & soup beef 12½¢. Mr. & Mrs. Willie Matzenbacher have a little boy. first born; last week. There was a accident at the creamery station yesterday, the guy that works there & Adolph Rittmeyer, cars were damaged somewhat.

Thursday, Nov. 23, 1933

We all went butchering at Henry’s today, lunch & dinner. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary also helped. George Wagner got 3 lb. liver sausage. The teacher & Mrs. Sensel had quite a argument at school today. Rob said. Pearl Geodelle, Al. girl goes to Blackburn school now to, since the hard road.

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 1932

Bertille went up to Dentist Isslehardt, & got her tooth fixed, relieved the pain, & come back next Wed. morning. Henry Birkner & his wife came too, he got a tooth pulled. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & we went to Belleville this afternoon, Rosalia got a coat $9.90, they stayed had a little supper, they bought a liver saussage [sic] at Braun’s, 15¢ lb. Mr. Adolph Rittmeyer was here & him & papa went out to Henry’s to look at a hog. Tonite is a telephone meeting here. H.M. Hill & Steve Rennecker where the only ones present the rest had all payed there dues, there is only 6 members.

Monday, Sept. 12, 1932

We washed, ironed, made butter & cheese. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where at Waterloo & from there to Belleville & then up here, we ate lunch with them, liver sausage, then they went home; for Frank Birkner’s birthday tonite. Setel the butcher from Smithon [sic] was here & looked at our annimals [sic], but didn’t want any. We picked a bu. tomatoes for Leona this eve. Henry & Dan Geodelle came & got the whey.

Monday, Jan. 18, 1932

Wash day & a nice one. Rennecker’s butchering. We fryed [sic] some liver saussage [sic] in, because it is so warm. Levi Gregson got a jersey cow from Ed. Meng this morn. We went out to Henry’s got our hair cut, papa went up to the woods, Neff’s are making wood up there on halves [?]. Oliver Birkner came here & said we should call Aunt Mary & tell her Josie Keller came along out with Willie this eve, & they should get her. So Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here first then went there to get her. There was a dance at Chas. Helfrich’s last night. Lawrence Matthews & Pearl Geodelle where published for the first time Sun. they will be married Feb. 3 at Waterloo, dance in evening at Foster Pond.

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