Monday, Jan. 18, 1932

Wash day & a nice one. Rennecker’s butchering. We fryed [sic] some liver saussage [sic] in, because it is so warm. Levi Gregson got a jersey cow from Ed. Meng this morn. We went out to Henry’s got our hair cut, papa went up to the woods, Neff’s are making wood up there on halves [?]. Oliver Birkner came here & said we should call Aunt Mary & tell her Josie Keller came along out with Willie this eve, & they should get her. So Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here first then went there to get her. There was a dance at Chas. Helfrich’s last night. Lawrence Matthews & Pearl Geodelle where published for the first time Sun. they will be married Feb. 3 at Waterloo, dance in evening at Foster Pond.

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