Thursday, Jan. 30, 1936

S. Rennecker got 1 qt. milk. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & Rose & Bert went along down to Boll’s, a little while, then went to Belleville, Bert got coat $5.67, nice one. Mr. Boll was 87 yrs. old large funeral Koch Undertaker; people came from all over. Berti mailed a card for Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary a request for Oscar Birkner’s 13 Wedding Ann. to sing “Red Sales in the Sunset,” Sat. morn, & also asked for acidine [sic – accordion]. Presidents’ Birthday Ball all over this evening, 1 at Waterloo at Odd Fellows Hall.

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 1932

Bertille went up to Dentist Isslehardt, & got her tooth fixed, relieved the pain, & come back next Wed. morning. Henry Birkner & his wife came too, he got a tooth pulled. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & we went to Belleville this afternoon, Rosalia got a coat $9.90, they stayed had a little supper, they bought a liver saussage [sic] at Braun’s, 15ยข lb. Mr. Adolph Rittmeyer was here & him & papa went out to Henry’s to look at a hog. Tonite is a telephone meeting here. H.M. Hill & Steve Rennecker where the only ones present the rest had all payed there dues, there is only 6 members.

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