Saturday, June 20, 1936

It surely was hot yesterday 104 highest at 4 P.M. We are having chicken dinner. Mrs. Gertie Irose 44 yrs. old is being buried at Chester Ill. this morn. 9 o’clock mass by Fr. Tecklenburg of Evansville, for Fr. Lemen of Chester left for Nebraska. Seen in Messenger Fr. Freund is to be assistant at Muryphsboro [sic] for 6 weeks; at present he is at Waterloo. Clarence Heberer of Mascoutaha [sic] have a baby boy born on June 11 nee Marie Fults, Bertie’s 2nd yr. school teacher.

Thursday, Jan. 12, 1933

Papa & Rosalia went up to get a load of wood this morning, they got 2 loads. Papa went up to Eichenseer’s this afternoon to sugar cured meat for them, mostly for Vic., he put away 14 pieces for them, 12 bones & 2 bacons. Mr. Tecklenburg was here & got 7 doz. eggs. he only paid 22¢, eggs are coming down he says. there are only 19¢ in the stores here. Henry butchered a heifer yesterday & today took it to Waterloo to sell it. Rev. Adyt was at Eliza Boll’s this evening. Frank Kroll is the janitor, fixing & ringing bells. $20.00 mo.

Monday, Jan. 9, 1933

We butchered 2 hogs today. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Henry where helping, had lunch & dinner. Uncle Fred stayed for supper then we played 5 hand pinochle. Mr. Tecklenburg paid 28¢ for eggs we had 7½ doz; he got some from Mrs. Rennecker too. Mrs. Papenberg called up this evening for a patter for a sunburst quilt, we didn’t have none.

Thursday, Jan. 5, 1933

We cleaned chicken house, put clean straw in it, left the chickens out awhile today. Papa went up town. Mr. Tecklenburg brought our case back & took 6 doz. eggs along 28½¢. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s to get a load of oats & wheat. Bobby is in bed with the earache & fever, awful nice day, warm.

Monday, Jan. 2, 1933

Mrs. Sophia Homirghausen, that is George’s mother died & will be buried this afternoon at St. Marcus Church & cemetery at Round Prairie. Mr. Tecklenburg got our eggs & chickens today, eggs 28½¢ & chickens 10¢ that is hens. Bobby is down in bed to with fever, the rest are up today. It is a Holiday for the town people, there is so many cars passing.

Monday, Dec. 12, 1932

Emil’s birthday 49 yrs. old. We washed, hung it in basement, it is ugly out. Mr. Tecklenburg egg man paid 33¢ for eggs. Papa & Rosalia went out & got oats at Henry’s & went over & got crushing done at Christ Buehler’s.

Monday, Nov. 14, 1932

We washed, ironed, it is awful windy. Louis Schoenborn is getting buried this morn. Tecklenburg got 5 doz. egg @ 29¢. Henry & Floyd where up he got whey. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here awhile paid for there hogs 616 lbs. 2 of them @ 4¢. $24.64, from here they went to Louis Birkner’s birthday, he is 66 yrs old today. The Birkner bunch where all at Oscar’s today, fence fixing frolic. Bertille send a Thanksgiving card to Josie Keller & invited her out for Uncle Fred’s birthday.

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 1932

Papa went up & voted this morn. It rained last night & sleet & ice this morn. Henry & Leona & Floyd where up for dinner. Rosalia went along up with them & voted. We sold 9 doz. eggs, at 27¢ doz. to Tecklenburg from Belleville.

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