Monday, June 14, 1937

Worked gardens, Henry & family were here for dinner. took calf to Belleville got 8¢. Pap & boys put roofing on brooder house. Went out to Henry’s got load oats & corn that was still out there yet. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary got card, inviting us to come to Luella Ronenberg’s wedding dance at Paderborn Sat. nite; also has a fish fry & dance Sun. nite.

Sunday, June 26, 1932

We went to Red Bud. It rained a good shower here this morning, but not at Red Bud. Miss Josie Keller came she had intended going to Heyl’s but they aren’t going to be at home, so she stayed here all day & evening & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where also here, for dinner, lunch & supper. We had ice cream, cake, lemonade for lunch. Then the women folks went out to see the cemetery, when we came back we stopped by Eliza Boll about an hr. Clem Parker was here & gave us all an invitation to come to Alphonse Parker’s barn dance a birthday, we didn’t go. They say there is also one in Weber’s barn, given by the Wittenauers, Lester Gregson’s wife birthday, & also Harry Kammler has one, musci [sic] by Chas. Wagner’s Rythmn [sic] Kings, Adm. 35. Kelley was here this evening & papa & him made a trade, our horse & a stock hay & $7.00 for his 2 horses. Mr. Hill was here gathered up the news. It thundered & lighten & wind this eve. rain.

Saturday, June 25, 1932

Papa went out on a business trip. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up for the weekend. This evening they went to Armstutz’s, Mrs. birthday. There is a birthday Yvone & at Rapp’s, a surprise party, we were not invited but Uncle Fred was.

Tuesday, June 7, 1932

It rained this morning. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up about 3 o’clock, then it started raining again & thunder & heavy lightening, it struck a tree in front of Mrs. Kroll’s house. This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to Johnny Krehers barn dance was to be an invitation party, we had no call. Henry & family came up this eve, Henry went up to the school house, but there was no meeting. 2 fellows working on the barn roof, they got just half down when it started raining. We sure did have a heavy rain, & wind. Papa went to Hy. Armstutz & got the mower & team, made a couple rounds then it started raining.

Thursday, March 24, 1932

This morning we went to church, communion at 8 oclock, & mass at 9 o clock. We had dinner over at Uncle Freds. This afternoon Bert Thompson brought 2 colts & got 3 hogs, even up trade. This afternoon we went to Mrs. Dugan to see if she would buy our eggs, but she had plenty, so we took them to Waterloo to Krogers got 10¢, had 51 doz. eggs, then papa & Gus Geodelle went out to Henry Ambrecht west of Waterloo & looked at a mule, seen him work, then tonight Henry took the buggy & went after him, we came home & papa & Uncle Fred went back to Henry Ambrecht again got 2 hogs & mule for $35.00. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary had supper with us, we took Uncle Freds car & went out to Henry’s, Bobby’s birthday 6 year. old. cake, lemonade served. Rosalia got a letter from Rosie Meuth inviting us all to come to Oak Grove Mar. 30, for her wedding dance, Osie Matzenbacher. We went to church in Waterloo awhile this afternoon, till papa got back. Ella Stalheber was here but we weren’t at home.

Friday, Dec. 18, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here, then we all went to Mrs. Reheis funeral, it was awfully large. We got a written invitation to attend a Birthday Dance at Brezzy [sic] Hill Sat. nite Dec. 19 no name. Ben Heyl’s & Spalt’s had a wreck in town, tore the wheel of Spalt’s machine, while Heyl was turning in to Braun’s.

Friday, Sept. 25, 1931

We canned 7 qts. tomatoes & cooked catsup.  Papa hauled 2 loads of coal, this afternoon it rained.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up.  There where people around selling tomatoes $1. bu.  Henry & family where up awhile this eve. from here they went to Uncle Fred’s.  Papa got a letter an invitiation, [sic] we all & Aunt Mary should come up & see Fr. Grooten’s tonight, but we won’t go.  We gave Leona a basket ful to take along, the yellow ones, she is going to cook catsup from them.