Monday, July 30, 1934

We washed, nice cool. Ronnenberg’s moving today. Mrs. Jake Staufenbiel nee Prediger of St. Louis died Fri. night, funeral Tues. morning. We all put in a free guess to how many strokes it would take to bust an inner tube yesterday. Berti guessed 1400. Henry came & papa went along, looking at horses. Wm. Probst, Nic Schaefer, at Ames, & etc., he had lunch here. Rose finished my dress today. The directors & Henry are to meet at the Blackburn’s school tonite- see about school.

Saturday, July 28, 1934

Papa went to Rall’s sale by Red Bud this afternoon – everything brought a good price. People here selling vanilla extract. We planted beans & pickles yesterday. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to New Athens Homecoming this afternoon. We went out to Birkner’s, then to Hy. Ronnenberg’s farewell party, half barrel beer was the refreshments; the men chipped together & Hillheims got the beer from Hecker; danced in the barn, musci [sic] by I. Helfrich Sheonborn; not a very large crowd.

Saturday, August 8, 1931

Papa was over at Meng’s by the threshing machine this morning, then he went out to Henry.  Bertille did the scrubbing for Aunt Mary today.  Henry & family & Mrs. Geodelle & Raymond, Dick Lanert, where out here threshing, had them for lunch & supper.  Mr. Geodelle came out in the evening.  After we had everything cleaned up we all of us went out to Mrs. Hy. Ronerberg’s birthday party, beer & cake where there refreshments served.  The people came there & left all the time. The Porter Bro. House & Henry Kammler gave a dance in the hall, but they say it is bum there.

Friday, August 7, 1931

Papa went to Waterloo to get he watch fixed.  Leona & the kids where here.  Steve Freund from Ohio was here & gave us a call this afternoon.  He is selling papers to help the young boys who are getting there free education to become priests.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon, we baked a cake for Mrs. Roneberg’s birthday tomorrow.  Henry came up this afternoon & this evening to see about threshing.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch.

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