Friday, September 1, 1939

Awful hot. Bill [Klein] is starting in today, with Sq. Deal Motor Co. at Smithton, going in business for himself. Favre is going to open a shop at Freeburg. A customer of Bellville [sic] stopped in, bought 25 [cents] melon. Pap cutting corn. Bert [Bertille] canned 4 qt. tomatoes. Seen in paper Leroy Siefert & Eliz. Buss were married Wed; going to barn dance next Wed. nite at Brezzy Hill. He works in Kroger store in Waterloo. Al. Cleveland won medal $5. for Champion horse shoe pitching at New Hanover last Wed. at Farm Bureau pinic. John Koeinsbmork 70; died at Red Bud hospital will be buried Sat. morn. at Waterloo church & cemetery, manager of Waterloo Mill. We got card from Isd. Orlet, invitation to church wedding Thurs. morn. to Phylis Bugger of Belleville at St. Marys Parish. Went to Leo’s took watermelon along. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary & Henry’s family were all there celebrating Rosalia’s birthday.

Saturday, Aug. 27, 1932

Papa hauled 2 loads of wood this morn. Ed Meng was here a little while. Jung got 12 doz. egg 15¢ this morning. Today is Farm Bureau Pinic [sic] at Chaplin Bridge. The Eisenbart property household good etc. is being sold this afternoon at Red Bud. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & Bert went along to the sale, they bought all different things. Henry came up to get whey, but they had no more, so he let his barrels stand up there.