Wednesday, April 26, 1939

Bert [Bertille] cleaned kitchen etc. Pap worked garden cooked kettle soap; went fishing this afternoon, got 6 nice fish. “Susie Gal of Hills,” playing for a dance at Log Cabin Sat. nite & her gang. Ball players having a dance at White Pine Thurs. nite at Hirst corner, free dance & fish fry. Karl Boll was here on business for Ralph Etling.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 1935

Papa got crushing done. He went out to Geo Roth Jr. sale this afternoon, things brought fair price, he & his family will move to Hirst Place, Nel Rausch place, he is in a very poor condition not able to work. Leona brought the boys up, stayed all night, we went along with them to Waterloo Pautlers, Gus Geodelle gave the dance, had a nice crowd. Al Schneider gave one at Brezzy Hill, wasn’t very much, Moonlight there played.

Thursday, Dec. 15, 1932

We all went out Henry’s butchering today. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Emil & Mr. & Mrs. Gus Geodelle where all there. We couldn’t get the Whippet started to go home, cranked & put hot water on, but it wouldn’t go, so Uncle Fred pulled us till to the hills but, then it wouldn’t go up, his wheels started spinning still, so Adolp [sic – Adoph?] Petri & his wife came along, they both helped to push, but still didn’t go, so we put chains on Uncle Freds machine & then it went up right away, till we got by Kemp’s the Whip started then Uncle Fred turned around & went home, & it worked all right coming home. The people that lived on Hirst’s place where out there trying to to sell apples. Leona bought a peck, $1.00 bus, they where bruised & fallen.

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1932

Papa went over to see Mr. Ed Meng. It is so awful hot again today, & nights are cool. They are surveing [sic – surveying] for hard road from Waterloo to Hecker, & the paper says it to, on the old road to Hecker, & then from Hirsts’ corner to New Athens. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening & we took them along to Breezy Hill to a free birthday dance, the boss wife at the Condensery birthday, Country Club Orschestra [sic – Orchestra] music, they took up collection, with the hat at 12: oclock, then they played till 1:30, & a big crowd. When we came home we ate watermellon [sic], Aunt Mary brought one along up.

Sunday, August 16, 1931

Papa went to Smithon [sic] church this morn.  We had dinner & lunch at Uncle Fred’s here today.  Today is Robert Gregson’s first year birthday & is also Lena Mengs.  The way we heard Edgar Voges & Elva Jatho are being married at Floraville 2 o clock this afternoon & a big dance to night.  Gambach car was on fire & tires all 4 a hole cut in at 4 o’clock this morning.  Mildred was at the Freeburg home-coming, & this morn. Mrs. smelled rags burning, they looked & found the front seat of the car burning & tires all flat, but they don’t know how it happened or who did it or anything.  There was a car load of people here from New Athens they wanted to know where Ed Foster lives on the Hirst place we told them, there is a basket picnic there today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to see Henry Birkner’s, little baby boy born Aug. 7, 12 lbs. they called it Glen Clem, Mrs. Louise Birkner & Clem Parker where sponsors.  Christ Buehler’s called there little girl Iona Applonia, Oscar Birkner & wife where sponsors.  There was people here from E. St. Louis & bought 5½ lbs. springs for 24¢.  Rosalia & Bertille went to church this evening, not very many there.

Thursday, April 23, 1931

Papa went down to Dr. Eckerts to pay for medicine.  $4.25 for the time when we had the measles.  Papa & Rosalia went out in the woods this morning & got a load of black ground to put around the house for flowers, & also filled up the holes in the lawn.  We had white frost this morning.  This afternoon we went down in our truck patch & set out 66 cabbage plants.  Hy. Armstutz came & talked a few words with us.  Steve Rennecker was over a little while while we where cutting the lawn.  Rosalia took the eggs to the store, they are 13¢ a doz.  We cooped 5 roosters this evening for fattening.  Today a year ago Mrs. Hirst was buried.

Saturday, August 9, 1930

Today is sales all over again.  Mrs. Hirst, Fred Schaefer and many others.  Papa is spreading lime this morning.  This afternoon we all went to Mrs. Hirst sale.  Papa bought a harrow for $1.50.  Roy Staunbiel bought a bed and we had to haul it up to Jennie Coop’s for them.  This evening we took the spring wagon out to Roy’s and from there we went to Uncle Fred’s and took them along & then we went to Hy. Ronedebergs dance.  Beer, cake, fruit salad were the refreshments.  There is also a dance at Bill Probst’s tonight too.  John Reheis have one by Burksville too.

Wednesday, April 23, 1930

Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went to Mrs. Hirst funeral today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went along with us.  In the evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & then we all went to the dance at Kammler’s Hall given by the Hecker Baseball Club.  Admission .50¢ each.  They took in about $50.00 clear money.  They sold 135 tickets.  We found 15 eggs.

Tuesday, April 22, 1930

Leona, Robert & Floyd were here this morning.  Rosalia and Bertille washed and ironed today.  Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went out to Henry’s this afternoon to get some posts.  Rosalia & Bertille got their hair cut today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here a little while this evening.  From here they went to Hirst’s to wake for her.

Sunday, April 20, 1930

Today is Easter Sunday.  But Nobody came.  So in the afternoon we drove out to Aunt Mary’s for supper.  We just got home and got the chicks put away and everything done, and it just poured down rain, thundering and lightning.  The way we heard Kean’s found Mrs. Agnes Hirst death in bed this morning.  If she would have lived until May 20, she would of been 69 years old.  She is to be buried Wednesday afternoon, services at home and then to the private cemetery.  There is to be a dance at (inlegible) Schaefer’s tonite.  It is his birthday but we were not invited.