Thursday, Dec. 15, 1932

We all went out Henry’s butchering today. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Emil & Mr. & Mrs. Gus Geodelle where all there. We couldn’t get the Whippet started to go home, cranked & put hot water on, but it wouldn’t go, so Uncle Fred pulled us till to the hills but, then it wouldn’t go up, his wheels started spinning still, so Adolp [sic – Adoph?] Petri & his wife came along, they both helped to push, but still didn’t go, so we put chains on Uncle Freds machine & then it went up right away, till we got by Kemp’s the Whip started then Uncle Fred turned around & went home, & it worked all right coming home. The people that lived on Hirst’s place where out there trying to to sell apples. Leona bought a peck, $1.00 bus, they where bruised & fallen.

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